Home improvements thrive during the pandemic - Merlgen

No one expected to be spend this much time indoors. The sudden lock down offered homemakers a chance to focus on the home. It made everyone look into how efficient and orderly the residential space is, especially when all members of the household are present. Cleaning, decluttering, rearranging were sudden necessities. The inner interior designer was tapped, plantitas were born. 

“Staying indoors for a long time we start to notice the unnoticed. While we thought operations will slow down, if not cease, because of the pandemic, we were surprised with the number of contracts we had for improvements across the home,” said Honeylet Lim, manager of Merlgen Euro Designs.

"The first half of 2021 has been profitable for Merlgen as well. It posted 20% sales increase compared to the January to June of 2020," said Honeylet Lim, Merlgen Euro Designs manager

When the quarantine restrictions were eased, Merlgen immediately resumed operations in the two Davao plants with safety protocols adhered to. Contracted projects were delivered and new bookings were welcomed. 

In 2020, Merlgen posted a sales increase of 30% from the 2019 record. This accounts for both home improvements and projects for newly constructed residences. Of the total projects the kitchen design had the most number of commissions. 

Making clients smile during the pandemic with a new Merlgen-designed kitchen

The first half of 2021 has been profitable for Merlgen as well. It posted 20% sales increase compared to the January to June of 2020.

The longevity of the pandemic’s “stay at home” directive lead to “work/school from home”. Working station for each family member within the residence became essential. Unused spaces were brought to life, others were repurposed. 

“Work space designs accounted for 30% of the total contracts of Merlgen in the time of COVID19. It ranked second to the kitchen projects. Filling the total would be the wardrobe and lavatory projects. These are for both new installations and upgrades for both new and returning clients,” said Lim.

While clients have identified the spaces they want to upgrade, it was Merlgen’s job to present the most efficient design to maximize the use of the given space, whether it is in a large residential home or a condominium. Budget had to be considered as well. But having a wide selection of materials to choose from, Merlgen can work on client’s specifications without discounting aesthetics.
Sleek new Merlgen kitchen installed during the pandemic

“We are looking at busier months ahead, especially with the vaccines available. More people will be at ease to having other people enter their homes. Of course, our team will strictly practice health protocols. To date, we are contracts with condominium projects in Davao and Cagayan de Oro City and several new residences on construction. We have a steady influx of clients requiring home upgrades as well,” shared Lim.