Kadayawan 2021 winners

Tribal dances like this one by the Samas was tackled in Tribu Kadayawan (Photo- JC Molina)

Kadayawan at home. It’s not all bad, it’s the safest and most comfortable. True, the spirit of the festival is best experienced on the streets— be part of the grand spectacle, dance with the Indak-indak sa Dalan performers under the blazing heat of day, see the favorite artists perform live, feast on the fruits by the road day or night, walk through a tunnel of multi-colored orchids in full bloom. It’s different. But staying home is necessary, life-saving.

Everyone came up with something to celebrate the festival. Here’s what landed on top of my list.

The 11 artists who made “Flowers for Feathers : Art Fund for the Philippine Eagle” a success: Lito Pepito, Arnel Villegas, Anthony Serafin, Saldy Mascardo II, Brando and Anna Cedeño, Jing Rabat, MeAn Guinoo, Otoi Mercado, Benjie Yu and Vanessa Ong.

It’s the breeding season for the Philippine eagles and The Philippine Eagle Center called out for help. Altogether, the generous artists donated 17 artworks which were put up for sale. 100% of the proceeds will be given to the program. 

The Flowers for Feathers art fund was a big success. Philippine eagles Mayumi and Phoenux continue to breed in safety at Philippine Eagle Center (photo by PEF)

The paintings sold-out in only weeks and raised Php150,000. It was timely that the amount was handed to the PEF on the onset of the Kadayawan.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation is extended their heartfelt gratitude to the artists and the art aficionados. Special thanks to Polygon Frames, too!

Waterfront Insular Hotel’s Kadayawan in a Box. Take-away food has never been this chic. The food flavor has heightened ever since the new chef took over the kitchen. Have you tried the the Chicken Relleno and the Seafood Ravioli?

Now they come up with themed menus in a box: Grazing Box, Dessert in a Box, Sandwich in a Box, and Halal in a Box. Each box is a feast containing an assortment of savories or desserts. 


Curated savories & desserts by Waterfront Insular Davao's Kadaywan in a Box. This one is the sandwich box

Digital Kadayawan. The celebration went online, just like the Araw ng Davao. Kudos to the organizers who made it possible— the city government, City Tourism Office, Zegen, and their teams. It’s a feat to mount a production of this scale at this time of pandemic.

I take my hats off to the Tribu Kadayawan segment. It was an “if you can’t go to the village, the segment take the village to you” moment.

It was a glimpse of the life and culture of Davao City’s 11 Ethno-linguistic tribes— their ancestral domains, homes and rituals, music and dances, traditional wear and their livelihood. It captured snippets of their way of life in their own land, presenting how each tribe is unique.

Tribu Kadayawan showed mat weaving, a livelihood of the Muslim groups living near the coasts (Photo- JC Molina)

On line, audience attention span wanes fast that’s why shows should be engaging and interesting. Tribu Kadayawan was cinematic-ish. Congratulations.

This was just a peek. Imagine if it was an in depth documentary of the tribes. That would be amazing!

Talent and taste will set you apart from the rest. Case in point: Windel Mira. White can be an unappealing color to present in a fashion show (not unless it’s a wedding gown), but Mira’s collection is an immaculate success. It’s clean, modern and elegant.

“Braid” is a cerebral interpretation of the Ata tribe that strayed from being literal and loud. It picks up after “liyang,” the woven baskets of the indigenous group. There is an interplay of texture using sheer fabrics and embroidered laces in white and muted tones of flesh. The result, a wearable and contemporary ensemble that can work day to night.

Windel Mira's "Braid" is inspired by "liyang," the woven baskets of the Ata tribe.

“I had Heart Evangelista stepping our for an afternoon tea party in mind,” said Mira. Yes, anyone can picture the fashion icon on all his pieces.

Local inspiration, modern interpretation but with a global appeal. It was a respectful presentation to the discerning audience who follows fashion. Congratulations, may you be a beacon of inspiration.

5/5 apples to everyone!
Lemons? No room for them on this page.

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper

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