Sifting through a chestful of photographs

I miss dressing up. This was in 2018 at the 50th anniversary gala of the Davao Chamber of Commerce

What to keep, what to let go. On what is essential, the lockdown has made us decide what is essential and that goes for what to chop off on the expenses as well. When the renewal date of my blog hosting came, I decided to revert to the free hosting site, blogspot. 

The websites ofapplesandlemons and jeepneyjinggoy were first conceived and hosted in a platform that may not be the “friendliest” compared to its peers in the blogging sphere. It has limited features, but it’s a jewel that won’t cost you anything at all. 

I started the online diary in 2009. After six years of blogging my published SunStar Davao stories, I was lured to a feature-packed hosting site, but it came with a cost. Fine, I can afford the deals — initially. It was exciting at first. As I never monetized my site, it’s a leak in my money pouch. 

With so much time on my hands, I have the time to migrate, from sun up to sun down. Imagine five years load of eight to 10 published stories a month. I have to download old photos or search for it in my hard drive, resize and upload it again. It’s a grueling task! But thanks to the PLDT Home, it’s happening at the Roadrunner’s speed. 

It’s very addictive though. Why? As I open each blog, it;s a trip to memory lane. It transports me back to the time when dressing up can either be an ordeal or fun, meeting people was exciting, dining with family and friends were laughter-filled and celebrations started with hugs and busses. I’m missing crowded places now, too! LOL. It’s like reading a good book that you just can’t put down. 

Unearthed from a 2010 folder. I miss children's parties! These kids  are teeners now

I miss events & selfies with unsuspecting guests, like this one at a high-profile Japanase event.

Family gatherings. This one from 2012

Perhaps with so many events that marked the calendars, there were occasions that I didn’t care too much of. The lockdown has certainly put things in a different perspective. Those so-so moments were significant in its own way. 

My blog dates back to 2009. I wished I started earlier when traveling became a habit. I have the old newspaper clippings though, from when I started writing for SunStar in 2000. The writing style was hilarious (and still is, perhaps), like an excited teenager, and worse, the sound effects in text form! Looking back, it was the same comment I got from a schoolmate more than a decade ago. 

If I can find old photos, the image can refresh my memory and I can do flashback stories. With the absence of events and travel, that’s the wisest and safest thing to do these days. Expect stories of the past from this writer in the coming weeks. It will be fun! 

Imagine, I miss the crowding, especially during openings. From  2011, GAP store launch.

The new websites’ birthing pains manifested in several ways. First, the non-techie brain was rattled and had to seek assistance from several patient-persons-turned-impatient (grin). Second, the arduous task of migrating and reloading edited photos to the new platform. And third, because of hours on the chair, my back is in labor that I felt feverish. I got paranoid that the dreaded virus struck me. 

From hours of working on the new website, my back is aching. I miss the spa now more than ever!

May I introduce D’ Durian Daily, the new name of my website. I’m giving my website a more Davao character. Ofapplesandlemons, though it has a following, seems to be “too cute.” Durian has the kick - in looks, scent and flavor. Durian is Davao. Apples and Lemons will be retained, but reverted back to its original purpose— as a Pandora’s Box for blind items and an award-giving section in my column. Like this one below…. 

Of apples & lemons. 

The Who? Who is this person (P) who got invited to guest in a production and had the nerve to suddenly call the shots like P is the producer? P demanded from the committee head to take out names of other guests. The few names left P will be with are the ones P “can stand.” “Matiis ko pa yang si…..” was the line. 

“Matiis mo kayang nguyain ang 5 lemons with a straight face?” Go ahead. Sorry producers, you’ve been had….because you allowed it to happen when you could have cut the snake on the head.

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.