Seda’s Christmas tree lighting speaks of gratefulness, hope

Lights danced like stars twinkling in the night sky at the end of the countdown, glasses clinked and loud cheers conquered the silence of the hall followed by warm congratulations and holiday greetings, and the rest of the night was filled with conversations, sumptuous food, and some drinks. 

Such were the sights, sounds, and tastes as Seda Hotel Abreeza held its Annual Christmas Tree Lighting last November 19 attended by selected guests, patrons, hotel management, and staff, family, and friends. Though this year’s holding of the tradition is not as festive hindered by the restrictions of the pandemic, it spoke of a more profound meaning.

The lighting of the Seda Christmas Tree is a celebration of gratefulness. Seda’s management is thankful that the hotel has survived the trial of COVID-19. While others have succumbed to losses, the hotel remained afloat, challengingly so. In the most trying of days in the past year, Seda was able to continue serving the people and bringing them home—something everyone needed the most in a time of distress and paranoia. 

Seda Abreeza Area General Manager Kennedy Kapulong in his speech said that gratefulness has always been an important factor in going through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying “[And] no matter how dark those days are, we would always find those little sparks of joys, of happiness, of warmth, of togetherness. We find happiness and peace amidst the uncertainties that surround us. It’s because we are always grateful even in the simplest of things. 

“No matter how dark those days are, we would always find those little sparks of joys, of happiness, of warmth, of togetherness," Ken Kapulong

AGM Kapulong also cited the things that Seda is thankful for including learning new skills in the kitchen, meals delivered in the doorstep, and being vaccinated. He emphasized that having inner strength and peace of mind, which are hard to come by these days, are things that people should be thankful for. 

Owing to the success of its Safe at Seda campaign, the hotel remains to be the top choice of individuals, private groups, and even government offices. Today, Seda continues to recuperate from the effects of the pandemic and the management remains optimistic of the coming days. 

The Christmas Tree Lighting has sparked hope that even in the most challenging days in the industry, thriving was a possibility, and so bouncing back would not be impossible. This hope is shared by the hotel management and staff and their loyal clients, as well as their families. 

Seda Abreeza team

Before ending his speech, AGM Kapulong thanked the team, clients, and the hotel’s partners for their support; and encouraged everyone to share their blessings to others, including giving support to the 5th Smile Train- Seda’s charity drive to help kids with cleft. 

In celebration of Christmas this year and with its continued efforts to bring smiles to people in the Yuletide Season, Seda Abreeza now offers exciting promos to everyone. Now available are Christmas Hampers and Grazing Boxes. Room rates are now at Php 4,800 with complimentary Tote Bag in partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation. 

Upcoming events include the Christmas Dinner Buffer Special on December 24 for only Php 1,880 net, the Special Christmas Buffet Breakfast on December 25 for only Php 980 net and the New Year’s Eve Dinner Buffet on December 31 for only Php 1,880 net followed by the Cocktail Countdown to welcome the New Year. 

If you want a Christmas or New Year to be extra special, this would be perfect for you, your partner, and your family. 

With these and more, Seda Hotel Abreeza continues to bring quality service to all. (PR)