JeepneyJinggoy: Top 6 post-pandemic destinations of Davao travelers

Just as the airlines are hungry to fill up its fleet of wide-body aircrafts with passengers, the travelers are itching to hop on one to a destination they missed most. Perhaps more than shopping, which was accessible online in the course of the pandemic, it’s traveling that most people miss most. The itch needs a good scratching. As soon as traveling becomes hassle-free, globetrotters will leap and soar to where their heart desires. 

JeepneyJinggoy asked world wanderers on social media what the first post-pandemic destination will be. The place would register quickly for sure. From the 50 respondents, guess which countries scored highest? 

Which country is #1?

Click the link & find out.  Top 6 post-pandemic destinations of Davao travelers