Why you should have breakfast at Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao

From the garden to table. The source of the Sukang Tuba and the dish infused with the product.

If you haven't had breakfast recently at Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, you should. The chef's Beef Tapa just raised the bar high. 

Though Pinoys are the hardest to please when it comes to Filipino cuisine. That's because we grew up with home cooked versions by nanay or lola. However, we are open to surprises, a burst of flavor that will please the palate. This Beef Tapa will.

If you're a Davaoeño, you would know that coconut trees in the tropical seaside garden of the hotel do not bear fruits.  It's because its sap is regularly tapped. This has been so for decades. Although we know that it only takes a couple of days to ferment for it to turn into tuba (coconut wine), what we don't know is who gets to enjoy the beverage. Until now...

It's the hotel chef. Well, at least recently.

Longer fermentation period turns the liquid to vinegar - Sukang Tuba. The distinct sweet and sour taste of the vinegar finally finds its way in the hotel kitchen's recipes. Perhaps the Beef Tapa debuts the use of the "gold from the backyard." 

Beef Tapa x Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao

The Beef Tapa strips are cooked to a (very) tender consistency in the distinct sweet & sour flavor of the Sukang Tuba and lots of garlic. The downside? It's an extra-rice-please kind of dish. Oh well, you don't do it daily anyway so might as well enjoy breakfast.

While coconut sap tapping is on Waterfront Insular Hotel's list of traditions, the use of the product, Sukang Tuba, in the hotel recipes is the new addition to the list.