i can! Studios. Davao's first self-photography studio concept opens

You're the subject. You're the photographer. Because you can at i can Studios

It's a self-photo studio. Imagine this...

At i can Studios, it's like taking  a selfie minus the extended arm clasping a mobile phone or the selfie stick. The plus? You have a professional studio set-up-- backdrop, single lens camera, proper lighting and a wide screen monitor as the mirror-- at your disposal.

It's minus the photographer and his crew. No eyes staring at you that'll make you feel awkward. The plus? You're by yourself oozing with self-confidence and armed with a remote shutter. You own the entire studio! For 15 minutes, at least. Or longer, if you can't get enough of the magic you've stumbled upon. Now, unleash that inner brilliant photographer and the fierce model in the privacy of "your own studio." 

A studio all to your own

Welcome to i can Studios

Photo wall

Dressing room

Yup, a glamorized selfie, if you must call it that. Now, full-body shots is peanuts. kiss in front of a camera if wish, groupies can be more fun outside a cramped photo booth. No audience. No inhibitions. No judgement. No bashing (grin). It's you having fun, you capturing the moment.

How does it work? Visit www.icanstudios.net, select a backdrop, book a package and show up on your appointed day at the second floor of CT Drive arcade along Tulip Drive, Matina. 

There's no such thing as "camera shy" at i can Studios. Chin up, strike a pose and click away!

Book at this site: www.icanstudios.net

It officially opens to the public today, June 20. Here's who got a sneak peek last weekend.

i can Studios young entrepreneur -couple, Abi & Paolo Cariño

Louie & Malouchi Gahol, Ernie & Karen Laurel

Dido Belisario, Tek Ocampo, Joy Belosario

And having fun in the studio...

Mike Dakudao, Patty & Michael Tan

Jorge & Daisy Cariño, Owel & Pachot Belisario

Cariño + Belisario families

Pachot Belisario, Malouchi Gahol & Karen Alabado-Laurel