Dusit Davao launches first Kadayawan event!

Kadayawan is festive & flavorful at Dusit Hotel

August. Kadayawan, a festival meant to be experiential. It's been two years since it was held where it should be - the streets. This year, with everything looking up, Kadayawan will be held face to face once more, with more meaning and excitement, with colors more vibrant and captivating, and energy set at high.

The most celebrated festival will take back its stage and Dusit Hotel gave a peek of the spirit of the Kadayawan to come. Recently hosting the "Festive and Flavorful Kadayawan in Dusit Davao,"  the young hotel highlighted the arts, culture and cuisine of the Davao tribes, world-class chocolatier Malagos Chocolates, homegrown talents Wilson Limon and Kathryn Fanlo, and a conservation mission with the Philippine Eagle Foundation in a single stop.

Why is it special for Dusit Hotel? GM Christoph Kuch shared, “It might surprise you to know that since Dusit opened in 2019, we did not have the opportunity to celebrate Kadayawan the way Dabawenyos do. So, this year, we went all the way and made sure that we have the right partners to pull off this celebration.” 

GM Christoph Kuch 

At the celebration were local government officials including the Kadayawan Executive Committee Member Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre, who extended his message, “As we appreciate the Kadayawan Festival, may we all be reminded about its importance. It’s not a mere celebration to have fun, it is a celebration to thank God for all the abundance and blessings we have received.”

Kadayawan Executive Committee Member Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre

While the Kalumon Performing Ensemble performance honored the local tribes, the Dusit Davao Executive Sous Chef Christopher Lugtu and his team did as well. Filling the spread were dishes saluting the Tausugs, Maguindanaons, Jangans and the Sama group. Complementing the tribal fare were contemporary recipes that highlighted the local fruits and Malagos' world-class chocolates. The feast will be served for dinner every weekend this August at the hotel's Madayaw Cafe.

Kalumon Performing Ensemble

 Linotlot nga Manok from the Jangans;  Pialam from the Tausugs

Peanut Butter & Malagos Chocolate Truffle; Durian Cream Puff

Adding more flavors to the Kadayawan party were the contemporary fashion takes of Wilson Limon and Kay Fanlo on the Davao tribes and the partnership of Dusit with PAL marking Davao as the destination to be.

“We came up with this big idea because we wanted to bring in a sense of local touch, showing off what Davao hospitality is all about. This is also where we thought it best to invite Ninofranco and Kay Fanlo, to emphasize that Davao fashion has evolved into styles that are ideal for travel, while elevating the reach of local artistry and craftsmanship,” said Cluster DOSM Lannie Merilo.

Inspired by the Davao tribes. Fashion by Wilson Limon & Kay Fanlo

Making the hotel's first Kadayawan celebration truly significant, GM Christophe Kuch announced that Dusit Davao will adopt a Philippine eagle via a campaign launching this August. 

“We are allotting a part of our revenue for the benefit of the Philippine Eagle Foundation. We will remain transparent and educational on this initiative, in order for our guests to believe in the same advocacy, and be catalysts to raise awareness on the conservation of our national bird and other species.” 

Dusit hotel to adopt a Philippine eagle

A toast to the Kadayawan! Congratulations Dusit Hotel.

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

Seen at the affair...

DOT RD Tanya Tan, Dusit GM Christoph Kuch, & TLDC COO Cathy Ko

Councilor Myrna Dolado-Ortiz & Dusit's Lannie Merilo 

Councilor Ryan Alejandre, PAL Area Manager for Mindanao Sales Reyani Romano & Leana Sanga

Dusit's Faith Dimaano & PEF's Andi Baldonado

Designers Wilson Limon & Kay Fanlo

Cherry Al-ag, Councilor Bernie Al-ag & Jackie Garcia-Dizon 

Mike Dakudao, Ann Tuazon,  Gemma Velez & Pep-C Velez

Reiko Kurano & Hiromi Kurano

Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Pat Manalaysay

Emil Sitjar & Christian Pasumbal

Charleen Limso, Alec & Celina Van Dierendonck 

Jp Punsalan & Joel Rodriguez

Col. Sinon Novo, Kim Franco & Larry Franco