Movie buffs rejoice. IMAX is back!

As cinemas in Davao City are starting to open their doors to movie buffs, many are in search of the best way to elevate their cinema experience. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the globe since 2020, many were pushed to explore other ways to enjoy their movie experience at the comforts of their homes but only to a certain extent. Nothing could still substitute the idea of communing with other movie-goers in a cinema house especially if it offers the best experience. 

Just this July 7, IMAX has once again welcomed moviegoers at SM Lanang Premier. And what better way to enjoy it than watch a beloved superhero film such as “Thor: Love and Thunder” during its reopening? 

IMAX has always been known for providing an immersive movie experience. In fact, IMAX is more than just a movie experience. It is also a ride. This is the very same reason why people would not mind paying thrice the price of a regular cinema ticket. 

With IMAX, one could feel closer to the characters they are watching on screen - being in their midst instead of being an outsider. When the characters hide, one hides with them. 

For Marvel fans, this could be one of the most exciting news ever. Not only will they be able to see the world of the Mighty Thor once again but they will be able to explore it through the IMAX technology. 

Movie-goers who have experienced IMAX in fact could not go back to watching movies through a regular movie screen.

Eager to watch movies through IMAX? You may visit, download the SM Cinema App, or proceed to SM Cinema ticket booths at SM Lanang Premier to get your movie passes. (PR)