Rogen Inn, not a hotel but feels like it

Rogen Inn. Davao's newest hospitality landmark offers the aura & comforts of a hotel in an inn

Rising slowly on a former car barn during the course of the pandemic were three mid-rise buildings on one of the busiest bifurcated roads in downtown Davao. The architectural design would elicit “another condominium rising” remarks from the motorists and passers-by. It is not. Perhaps it’s a hotel? 

“Rogen is not a hotel but an inn. However, it was designed to exude the look of a hotel, the size of a hotel and promises the comforts of a hotel,” says Gene Bangayan, current manager of the new hospitality establishment. 

“Just like a hotel, the inn has a welcoming spacious lobby with high-ceiling and receptionists in three separate check-in counters to attend to guests at any given time. It has 328 Deluxe Rooms uniformly sized per building. The rooms in the South and West wings are a tad bigger in size than that of the North structure’s, but all accommodations are equally well-appointed with tap card access and necessities any business and leisure traveler needs,” she adds. 

Grand. A spacious, high-ceiling lobby with three reception counters to attend to multiple guests at a singe time

The inn foregoes the amenities one would expect of a typical hotel, “But I assure you Rogen Inn provides options that can impress,” assures Bangayan. 

For one, Rogin Inn may not have a kitchen and an in-house restaurant, but it hosts within its premises a number of Davao’s best homegrown restaurants, like Marina Tuna, Boiling Crab and Habi at Kape to name three. Whatever the guests’ cravings may be, these restaurants can satisfy it, from breakfast to dinner and anything in between. 

Homegrown A-listers. Rogen Inn has popular Davao-born restaurants in its premises

“We are also addressing the need for an event space, for live-in affairs or otherwise. Rogen Inn’s function hall, which can be divided into three halls, occupies the entire top floor of the South Wing. The grand hall can accommodate as much as 150 guests for a round table set-up with stage, and 328 guests with a conference set-up. There is a designated room for caterers with a private hallway that can access each hall,” Bangayan shares. 

Guests can dip into other forms of activities to release pent-up energy, burn calories or relax at the end of a busy day even in the absence of a pool. Rogen Inn houses the popular local gym, Holiday Gym, on the top floor of the West Wing, while Elements Salon, more than just a grooming place, is a day spa as well that lists therapeutic massage on its menu of services. 

Relaxation for Rogen Inn’s target market—the businessmen, transient guests, and leisure travelers who love to explore the outdoors—would always be a comfortable, firm bed wrapped in fresh linen, hot and cold shower, and a very cool room to come home to no matter what time of day. These are on top of their priorities and these are what Rogen Inn can extend. 

Deluxe. A cool room & firm beds wrapped in fresh linen await every guest

Soothing. Hot & cold shower, what one may need to start or end the day

“Most importantly, the absence of some of the amenities will allow Rogen Inn to focus intently on personal service, the warm hospitality Davao is known for,” declares Bangayan. 

Warmth. Focusing on extending the Davaeño brand of hospitlaity & service

Rogen Inn’s address makes it attractive as well. Located at the corner of Mt. Apo and Lopez Jaena Streets, it is at the center of Davao’s bustling business district and accessible to both private and public transportation. 

Parking in the city center is an issue. This is why an ample parking space was inputted into the design as well. Rogen Inn makes it convenient for the road travelers and frees them of the worry of a space to park their vehicles even if they arrive at peak hours or in the middle of the night. 

Service plus. A space to park whatever time of day or night guests arrive

“Rogen Inn is an unconventional inn, or you can refer to it as an untraditional hotel. We are ready to welcome guests and let them find out for themselves. The inn is on its soft opening and Rogen Inn has received the Department of Tourism accreditation,” remarks Bangayan. 

Rogen Inn is located at the corner of Mt. Apo & Lopez Jaena Streets, Davao City. 
For reservations call 0917 687 6436 or email
Rogen Inn is offering its Mid-year Promo for P1,980 for two with breakfast.