Immaculate in white, elegant with gold

The celebrants Lena Benedicto, Joji Ilagan-Bian & Bing Pasquil

When these ladies gather, it should be thematic--and with good reason. They want each and every moment worth remembering. And they're right. Listening to their conversations while reminiscing, each piece of the story is referred to by its theme. 

How many have there been so far? The ladies have forged a strong relationship from years back. They have banded together in different clubs, from Ventures Club to DATA, and the bond is stronger than ever.

Recently, the joint birthday party of Joji Ilagan-Bian, Lena Benedicto and Bing Pasquil was celebrated in white and gold--all white garb accentuated with gold tambourine. It made the perfect foreground against the tropical backdrop interior of the Mr. & Mrs. B dining space. 

"Today is a celebration of decades of friendship anchored on sisterhood and love. Each of us has been with each other since our babies were born - got married and now look at us. Still together! We continue to celebrate and drink to our successes and hold each other's hands in times of grief and sorrow," said Joji Ilagan-Bian. 

"It's nice to see everyone in the theme. White is a celebration of joy and purity,  and gold is a celebration of happiness and prosperity," she asked.

The three celebrants scheduled the party on their birth month of July and agreed to postpone it a couple of times due to health safety reasons. 

"Discussing among the three of us, we agreed that we cannot postpone the gathering anymore. COVID is here to stay and if we wait for it to pass our party won't happen. We can't wait for next year," shared Lena Benedicto. 

Perhaps the party was what everyone needed to reconnect not only with their peers but also with the world outside the home's four walls. For that, the birthday girls made the party extra special with fun, games and dancing. 

The game master challenged the ladies to a game of identifying and singing nursery rhymes, to which the ladies won. The years may have advanced but sharp minds never fade. So does beauty and the bond of true friendship. "We have each other no matter what. All for one and one for all," said Lena.

"Thank you for making our party grand and splendid. My request is for everyone to join us in the 'Love Dance', in memory of Tito Boy (Guinoo)," said Bing Pasquil.

Recreating the "Love Dance" position when they performed it for Boy Guinoo

For sharing the love and presence, the celebrants thanked everyone who made it. "We may be missing a few friends tonight but still, we are complete with each other. We love you."

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