Art Watch: Art unveiled at the MindanaoArt 2022

Officially opening the art affair are Oscar Casaysay, Tanya Tan, Nancy dela Rosa, Kublai Millan, VM Jay Quitain, Weena Gonzaga, Danilo Rayos Del Sol & Jolla Soriaga

Until November 5, 2022, the art lovers will have a field day at the biggest gathering of artists in the island—the MindanaoArt 2022: Aligned and Interconnected. The art event gathers more than 200 artists belonging to 32 art groups and galleries from all over Mindanao. Art installations and an impressive collection of curated artworks are on exhibit at The Club at Northtown in Cabantian. 

Mindanaoart 2022 physical exhibit at The Club at Northtown in Cabantian

Healing Heart Bear

Mindanao Art’s vision is for Mindanao visual art to evolve as a distinct genre contributing to an equally distinct Philippine visual art. In his welcome remark on opening night, Kublai Millan looked back to the past art fairs: the birthing pains of Year 1 (2019) with 10 art groups participating, sticking to the advocacy and staying on track through the worst of the pandemic Year 2 (2020), and to becoming the most talked about, visited, and photographed event even as Davao City was still under Covid Alert Level 3 on Year 3 (2021). 

Kublai Millan

“This year, the 4th Mindanao Art Fair dares to redefine the present reality of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as we dig deep into the soul of Mindanao to find an alignment and interconnectedness, the AI of the arts, the artists, the audience, and the land,” said Kublai Millan, and added,”In this depth, in this soul is the Mindanao Art we are nurturing to its full fruition as we strive to connect all art expressions to resonate and be in cadence with the colors, the culture, the music, the dances, and the people that flow in the veins of contemporary Mindanao. By bringing forth that uniqueness in all of us and of all regions, we communicate to the world of art at the soul level.” 

Mayor Sebastian Duterte, through Vice-Mayor Quitain, extended his gratitude and wishes, saying, “May this exhibit inspire us to further broaden public participation in the arts and showcase artistic excellence within the community while promoting the arts and culture of Mindanao.” 

Also present at the affair were the National Commission for Culture Arts executive director, Oscar Casaysay and NCCA-National Committee on Art Galleries (NCAG) head, Danilo Rayos del Sol. 

“This year's theme demonstrates highly of how NCCA decentralizes everyone's access to the arts. ‘Art for all and arts in public spaces, as we say.’ And arts not just in Manila or at the CCP or Metropolitan Theater, but arts in the parks, malls, schools, and everywhere,” said Casaysay. 

NCCA Exec. Dir. Oscar Casaysay

The NCAG head said that the success of the Mindanao Art Fair gave birth to NCAG’s new baby, the Visayas Art Fair, with a successful mounting in 2021, and soon, a Luzon Art Fair will be born. He also announced that for the first time, Mindanao Art Fair goes to Luzon via satellite exhibition in Shimbala Silang in Cavite. 

NCAG Head, Danilos Rayos del Sol

“This Mindanao Art Fair is but a vehicle. The vision is to embed into the consciousness of each artist and each member of the audience an art genre that is truly Mindanao. An art genre that is deeply rooted in the identity of the land and our people, the culture, and the landscape, both past and present,” said Kublai Millan. 

MindanaoArt 2020 participating groups are: Abong Bughaw, Ahon Mindanao Watercolor Group, Alampat Gallery, Arkadia Collective, Art Moves, Beta Studio, Bulawanong Dibuhista, Capitol University Museum of Three Cultures Art Gallery, Datu Bago Gallery Cafe, Davao del Sur League of Visual Artists and Aesthetic Builders, DavNor Artist Circle, Dibuho Dabaw, DS Foundation for Differently-Abled Inc., Ebony Visual Artists Association, Galerie Raphael, Gallery Down South, GAMA Art Group, Glan Mag’glang Artists, Guhit Kamay Young Artists of Panabo, Jing Cayacay Rabat Gallery, Kalapati Art Group, Kasing Art Lab, Kulit Kultura, La Herencia Davao Art Space, Likha-Karaga, Mugna Heneral Visual Artists, Museo Kutawato, Patikan, Piguras Contemporary by Mayari, Sandog Artists of Tagum by Sining Mata, Studio One Art Studio and Gallery, Talaandig Artist Organization. 

Spearheaded by Lawig-Diwa Inc. in partnership with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts-National Committee on Art Galleries (NCCA-NCAG) together with Alsons Development and Investment Corporation, MindanaoArt 2022 is still a combination of virtual and physical exhibition. Artworks are physically on display at The Club at Northtown and can be viewed at Mindanao Art’s website ( 

Maan Chua performs "Mindanaw"

Madayaw Cultrual Ensemble

Songspell Philippines

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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National Commission for Culture Arts executive director, Oscar Casaysay, Kublai Millan & Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre

Vice Mayor & Mrs. J. Melchor Quitain, Jr

Jolla Soriaga, Asst. GM for AlsonDev Business Units;Danilo Rayos del Sol, National Committee on Art Galleries head, & Stella Estremera, Lawig-Diwa Inc. vie-chairman

DOT-XI RD Tanya Tan, Davao de Oro board member Weena Gonzaga & Christine Dompor, Davao de Oror Tourism Officer

Nancy dela Rosa & Riza Muyot of Shimabala Silang

Artist Victor Gumaguing, Jimmy Yap & artist Jeff Bangot