Art Watch: Art to Cart at MindanaoArt 2022

My favorite mural by two Tagumenyas Ordoña & Valdez, 8' x 12'

I wish acquiring art is as easy as going to the grocery. Go through aisles, choose from a line up of brands, pick from the shelf, put in cart, and check out. But no, art acquisition is a whole different ball game—and sometimes it can be fierce. 

First, each product is unique. Depending on how big an exhibition is, there may be numerous items on the wall, in different genres, but each piece is one of a kind. Perhaps you’re a fan of several, which can be more challenging when shopping in a show—and you know why. 

It’s a necessity to scan the collection before you make a choice, spot a few favorites and narrow it down to what you want to add on your art wall. How long does it take you to decide? 

Second, be quick to put the red dot on it. Sorry but time is not on your side when there are other collectors in the room. Several others may share your interest. Sometimes (or most) you need to decide quickly. Grab the one that made your heart leap, that alone makes the piece worth having. Follow your gut feel. Most often, the first choice is always the best choice (that works for me). 

Third, know your budget. The size of your wallet corresponds to the size of the art work (and the artist’s stature) you can take home. This helps narrow down your choices. 

What makes it easier? If you’re a fan of one artist, then go for the gold. But of course, it’s a different scenario when it’s a one man show. Then it’s back to step one. Or, set your eyes on the genre you’re most interested, then select from those pieces. 

Now, it’s time to put your buying skills to a test. Head to MindanaoArt 2022. 

Mural by Pinta de Baryo, 8' x 12' 

"Hilo" installation by Palikata Art Group

"Door The Positivity (Yellow)" & "Door The Positivity (Orange)" byMichael Bacol, mixed media, 36" x 36"

"Lisod Pero Magkasugakod" 1 & 2 by Al Ryan Novo, oil on canvas, 24" x 24"

"Takipsilim" by Jamedith Abuan, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24"
"Fancy World 2" by Reagan Deiparine, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24"

MindanaoArt 2022 is a collector’s paradise. An event of this magnitude only happens once a year—and it gets bigger annually. This 2022, the show gathers more than 200 artists from more than 30 art groups across Mindanao. The main exhibition area is at The Club at Northtown in Cabantian and has satellite exhibits in different areas, including Poblacion Market Central in Davao and Shimbala SIlang in Cavite. 

Paintings, sculptures and installations, Realism, Abstraction, Impressionism, Pop Art, Surrealism, oil, watercolor, acrylic. There are hundreds of art pieces on display and surely, there will be several to catch your fancy. 

If you’re starting an art collection or looking to expand it, this exhibition is your grocery for art. The display is well curated with each art group having a designated gallery space. 

A show of this caliber is a challenge to the participating artists, aspiring and seasoned. Their pieces have to stand out. They would have to create and present an obra that can capture and captivate an adoring fan and gain new ones. It’s a good time to carve a name in the art scene, local and beyond. 

"Cycle of Nature" Dominic Turno, mix media, 24" x 36"

"Dream Maker" by Dominic Escobar, oil on canvas, 30" x 40"

"Habilin (Maranaw Series 1)" by Joel Geolamen, oil on canvas, 30" x 60"

While I admire the different genres of visual art, my learning is towards modern art, Abstraction and Impressionism. Thus, I go where my eyes lead me, I stop and admire. If the heart goes thump-thump, then the piece is telling me to take it home with me. But do I have the moolah? 

I’m in love with the murals, too. I’d take home one I can’t take my eyes off but my living space won’t allow it. Let me enjoy it while it’s on display and admire from afar when the lucky collector snags it. 

Don’t get me wrong, MindanaoArt is a place where anyone who admires art, who admires beauty, can soak themselves into a world of art with a Mindanao trademark. It’s a showcase of Mindanao talents and a space to expand knowledge on Mindanao culture. Plus, it will be the most Instagramable spot this season, hashtag your post, gain a follower and entice the others to visit. 

But if you’re a collector, be captivated and add to cart. 

Missed out on the pice you love, you can commission the artist for one. It takes time before the piece hangs on your wall, but it will be worth the wait. You will get to lay your eyes on beauty everyday. 

"Old But Gold" by Harold Macabitas. acrylic & oil, 48" x 36"
"Mataid Kang Midnanao III" by Maila Secuban, oil on canvas, 45" x 35"

Jag Bueno & Art Bongawan

 "Pilot No.1" by Edizon dela Cruz, acrylic on canvas, 48" x 36"

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