Mindanao Butchers hosts Beyond Ribeye event

Beyond Ribeye is a two-day event at Mindanao Butchers that enticed the guests to discover, learn and taste the different cuts of prime meats. The demonstration was conducted by Chef Amir Gan Abdulla.

Chef Amir Gan Abdulla

The chef presents the Satsuma Gyu A5 Japanese Wagyu for Sukiyaki 

Host, Carmina del Rosario of Mindanao Butchers, warmly welcomed everyone to the special event, "For as long as I can remember It has been my ultimate mission in life to travel the world in order to eat well, drink well and live well. That’s why we’ve decided to partner up with Oleo Fats who shares the same passion. Our food philosophy is simple. Everything starts with quality ingredients. We steer clear of gimmicks and stick to the brands we respect most like those you will be enjoying today."

Mindanao Butchers Co. + Oleo-Fats Inc.

Oleo-Fats Incorporated (OFI) Tasteful Solutions is the foodservice division of Oleo-Fats, Inc., the market leader in soecialty fats and oils in the Philippines. The company "creates exceptional solutions that help serve their clients' customers."

"We listen and understand the needs of the market and we keep ourselves abreas with the trends, eating habits, and buying behaviour or consumers in order to meet their changing demands. Our product design specialists take pride in providing taster solutions that not only answer problems. but most importantly, anticipate demand," said Maike of OFI.

What we tasted:

Rosedale. It is one of the oldest Angus and Charolais Studs in Australia and has been breeding its unique bloodline now for over 70 years. As a hormone free article the performance of its cattle at such a young age is very unique and ia a result of their health and strong Angus Charolais bloodline. Cattle are 150 days grain fed (barley finished) and nourished by unlimited ancient Artesian spring waters

Black Tyde. 150-day Grain Fed Australian Black Angus cattle. Over the past 30 years Rangers Valley have built an enviable network of Australia's best Angus cattle breeders. The cattle for the Black Tyde program are sourced from within this network ensuring the same level of quality that Rangers Valley fans have come to expect.

Satsuma Gyu A5 Japanese Wagyu. Produced by award-winning and experienced Kagoshima Wagyu farmers, "Meijin." Only 12 farms are selected to produce this A5 wagyu making it rare and completely traceable.

Presenting & cooking Sukiyaki with the Satsuna Gyu A5 Japanese Wagyu

Check out the Oleo-Fat prime meats at Mindanao Butchers Co.

See at the event.