Now serving at Poblacion - Hey Monday Deli

Just like its predecessor, Aldevinco Shopping Center, rose to popularity with its curated shops and food choices, AlsonDev’s new baby, the Poblacion Market Central, is applying the same formula. 

Now you ask, what was there to eat in Aldevinco. In the 80s there was Goody-Goody Kiosk, an ice cream shop that was the go-to place of school kids during the weekdays and families on weekends. Chocolate Parfait, Banana Split and Cheese Rolls (aka tsinelas. Go ask a Gen Xer why) were the indulgences of that era. 

Today, Poblacion finds a new baby on its list of must-eat food joints that are luring in the foodies in its recently-launched souvenir shopping destination— Hey Monday! 

Hey Monday! is like coffee that washes away the Monday blues, and it can be a cure all at any day of the week. Why? This deli’s offerings are exciting- and easy to love. Perhaps you’ll single out one and mark it as your perk-me-up dish. 

But first, meet the duo running the kitchen: Davaoeñas Nikki del Mundo and del Mundo and Louise Plasencia. The two met almost eight years ago at work, traveled to the US to eat and work. They landed jobs in several kitchens for five years, and for a few months, had the opportunity to work at Claro, a One Michelin Star restaurant in Brooklyn that serves Oaxacan dishes. 

Nikki del Mundo and del Mundo & Louise Plasencia

“We went back home to the Philippines right before the pandemic lockdown. We started Hey Monday Deli while waiting to put up Taq (the original plan). We had six items on the menu for delivery and pick-up by August 2020, then started private dining in December the same year. Soon, everything fell into place and we got all the ingredients and materials we needed for Taq, but still very limited,” said Nikki. 

While the word got around among foodies about the private dining stint in Cabantian, it was the more accessible pop-up store in Poblacion that raised their popularity. First it was Taq, then Hey Monday Deli. The food by both brands were sold out in an instant. With their absence on the appointed pop-up store dates got people more curious about their food. 

Poblacion wooed the pair to open Hey Monday Deli in a prime space, the same area where they held their weekend stint. They gave their green light. 

Hey Monday is closed on Mondays. Why? Read below

What’s my personal favorite on the menu? The salads are delightful and filling. I’m lover of beets, ergo “The Salad” is for me. The sweet, earthy flavor of the candied beets pops out of the green dish with the nutty and tangy tahini dressing giving a nice contrast. 

The Salad

I love how the peppery and bitter flavor of the arugula in the salad with its namesakes, and a bite into the fresh watermelon presents a fresh, sweet, summery contrast to it. The mild saltiness of the miso dressing that coats all the ingredients gives another level of flavor. 

Arugula Salad

The burgers! The Grilled Chicken Sandwich, tender and flavorful chicken fillet in crispy coating, and the spicy pickles is a winner scoring A+ for contrast of flavor that heightens the dining experience. And the Lamb Burger is juicy and tender in every bite. The rich flavor of the thick lamb patty is balanced by the fresh mint leaves as meat topping. Both burgers are very filling!

Lamb Burger

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Enjoy the super tender, juicy smoked pork belly coated in tasty barbecue sauce as a sandwich or in a rice bowl, the latter comes with side veggies and is heavier (best if you’re hungry). Imagine Canadian bacon, now make it in thicker slices, tender in its hearty, smokey goodness. Yup, it melts in your mouth. 

Pork Belly Rice Bowl

There are other items on the menu that may catch your fancy, like the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Chicken with Waffles. I believe there are a couple of new entries on the menu - Grilled Chicken & Falafel Burger and the Lamb Burger- that I will try soon. 

“We hope to be able to establish both brand names - Hey Monday Deli and Taq- at the same time in the future,” Nikki said. 

So why the name “Hey Monday”? Monday is the duo’s day off from work and their chance to try food from different places. So, Hey Monday is closed on Mondays. 

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