Art Watch: DAFI Davao Art Festival. Why you should go

The art hunt is on. Whether you’re into art appreciation or out to discover a new artist, curious to what your favorite painters are exhibiting or enlarging your art collection, then this art fest is for you. 

The Dabawenyo Artists Federation, Inc. (DAFI) Davao Art Festival mounts a showcase of artworks by homegrown artists. It’s a one-stop exhibition with 200 obras by the federation’s 14 artist groups: BaiHinang, Floral Artists of Davao, Bintana Art Gallery, Artists Initiative, Piguras Contemporary, Art Sanctuary, Art Pavilion, Davao Watercolor Society, Tabularasa, Pintanao, G.A.M.A., Guhit Pinasm, TM Artists, and La Herencia Art Space. 

The season’s big art event runs from May 12 to 19 at La Herencia, Torres St., Davao City. 

Here are my personal picks. Find yours. 

Bea Obcena's "Lisianthuses and Anna's Hummngbird" & "Angelus Mortis".

(to be identified)

Dominic Turno's "Encahnted Forest 2" & Bryan Cabrera's "Somewhere in Between" 

Marco's "Frowning in Sorrwo & (to be identified, right

Vic Secuya's "Lake Series 3" & Ludwig Ilio's "Fish"

Lito Pepito's "Bidlisiw" & Leo Patos' "Kulintang 1"

Art related activities are scheduled on the 8-day exhibit run: 

May 14, Sunday: “Art as therapy” with Amanda Echevarria. 3PM - 5PM
May 15, Monday: “Spatial interval and breathing space: a discourse on pictorial composition” with Bryan Cabrera . 2PM - 4PM.
May 16, Tuesday: “A lecture on philippine art history in the pre- colonial time” with Wilfred Tañedo. 2PM - 4PM.
May 17, Wednesday: “The art of design” with Mark Seng. 2PM - 4PM.
May 18 & 19, Thursday & Friday: Live sketching. 3PM.

Eyes on the prize