King of Bisaya Talk, Chito Samontina, is Regan’s Newest Brand Ambassador

King of Bisaya Talk, Chito Samontina, is Regan's new brand ambassador

Who is Chito Samontina? He is Kol Chito to everyone who knows him in the vlogging sphere. After posting his Bisaya parodies on social media in 2016 he raked in the engagements and rose to popularity. In 2018, his audience increased when he added travel vlogging and hosted for Kol Chito, a lifestyle segment on TV. After four years, in 2022, he evolved into hosting his own talk show program on Facebook and YouTube called CHITchat, Ato Ni! Interviewing guest personalities from all walks of life. This man’s hard work, creativity, wit, sense of humor and amorous personality won hearts and an award as Asia’s Best Bisaya Talk Show Host by Asia Pacific Luminare Awards. 

Today, Chito Samontina has the numbers that matter—1.6M followers on Facebook, 200K subscribers on YouTube and 450K followers on TikTok. Through this amazing journey towards success, Chito Samontina remains a humble man. 

In 2021, the year he started earning, Chito said it was time to have a place he can call his own. It was to be a tiny house to be built on a sizable land he inherited from his parents in one of Davao’s agricultural districts. This dream home will have a Siargao vibe—a one bedroom unit that steps out to the open and airy outdoor living, dining and kitchen spaces that overlook the garden. 

Island resort feels. Chito's humble abode

Chito is living in a dream but soon enough, he finds the need to expand his area. In his new plan is a multi-purpose hall that will have a bigger kitchen and a large dining space so he can entertain his family and friends. The annex building will certainly need a lot of steel. 

On this site a multi-purpose hall with a bigger kitchen, dining area plus a glass room will rise

As fate would have it, Chito was singled out by Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. (Regan), one of the country’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality steel products, to host the grand opening of its Mindanao office in Davao. This was when Chito discovered Regan and its product. 

With his blueprint on hand, Chito inquired at the Regan office on the steel products for his home extension project. 

“Surprisingly, they asked if they could do a site visit to see what materials I will need for the project. I was really impressed with the extra mile they will go for customer service!,” Chito confessed. 

Regan's visit to Chito's project extension site

Customer Service is one of Regan’s 7 C’s, the company’s mission.“Through customized service, we make it convenient for everyone to have access to high-quality steel products. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value for their steel requirements. We have been supplying to Mindanao for a long time now, it’s about time we extend the personal service to Davao City and beyond. With the company’s 7 C’s —choices, customization, convenience, connection, commitment, cost efficiency and care—we hope we can develop a positive relationship with Davao and we can make RISI top of mind in the market,” said the CEO. 

Chito Samontina is now a client of Regan. The CEO, who knew of him through the hosting project, invited him to visit the Regan office. It was in this encounter when Chito realized the kind of work ethics the CEO has. Short of saying, both men’s vibe jibed in more ways than one. 

In April of this year, Chito made “parinig” and joked about the possibility of working with Regan as endorser. 

Admittedly, Chito says he is quite picky with the brands he works with. “If you have noticed, I don’t really have brand placements in any of my contents. I am very careful with the brands I work with. I have to be a user or a believer first before I can endorse them. I have to believe in their brand first. Their values, their vision. Furthermore, they have to believe in my values and my vision as well,” says the King of Bisaya Talk. 

Chito Samontina visits the Regan corporate office. It was at this encounter when Regan CEO discovered that their worth ethics are aligned

Regan saw Chito’s authenticity and his desire to raise the flag of his community —the BisDak community, his determination as a creative artist in the digital industry, his work ethics, the impacts he creates in his community – which aligns to the values and ethics of Regan. 

Regan bit on Chito Samontina’s joke and signed him up as the new face of Regan Industrial Steel. 

Contract signing of Regan CEO & Chito Samontina

Deal is sealed witha handshake

Chito visits the Regan plant in Quezon City

As Chito builds his new home project, are you ready to hear about Regan building materials tips in Kol Chito’s CHITChat soon?


Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.