MILO® energizes kids with new and exciting Sports Clinics nationwide

MILO®, the country’s leading chocolate malt milk beverage, recently launched its Sports Clinic Program on May 7 in Ayala Malls nationwide. The launch event took place in six different Ayala Malls nationwide and opened the event to every parent and kid who wants to know more about which sport they might be interested in doing this summer. 

Designed to empower and nurture young athletes, these programs aim to inspire the next generation of sports champions through expert coaching and top-notch facilities. During the launch event, moms identified the benefits and reasons why they want to enroll their kids to the MILO® Sports Clinic Program and topping the list is the values they learn in sports such as discipline, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. They also shared that they involve their kids to play sports not only for increased physical activity but also to help their mental strength as well.

Pat Fernandez, a mom who attended the launch event, shared that her kids have tried chess, swimming, and football before. When asked about her kids’ experience during the launch event, she said: “It’s inspiring for kids to see the pros & medalists in action. After the event, the kids started watching more sports related stuff on Netflix to copy more moves before their actual trial class.” 

With a rich heritage of supporting youth sports development, MILO® has been a trusted ally for parents and children alike. The Sports Clinic Programs represent a significant milestone in the brand's commitment to fostering a love for sports, healthy competition, and overall well-being among children across the globe. 

The MILO® Sports Clinic Programs offer an extensive range of activities catering to various sports disciplines, including football, basketball, athletics, swimming, and many more. By partnering with renowned sports academies and experienced coaches, MILO® ensures that participants receive the highest quality training and guidance. The programs cater to different age groups and skill levels, providing a tailored approach to enhance each athlete's abilities. 

Key features of the MILO® Sports Clinic Programs include: 

Expert coaching: The programs are led by a team of highly skilled and certified coaches with extensive experience in their respective fields. They utilize progressive training methodologies and focus on developing fundamental skills, tactical knowledge, and overall athleticism. 

Holistic approach: Understanding that sports excellence goes beyond physical training, MILO®’s programs also emphasize the importance of nutrition, mental well-being, and character development. Participants will learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, resilience, and discipline, helping them excel both on and off the field. 

Fun and inclusive environment: MILO® fosters a positive and supportive atmosphere, encouraging participants to enjoy the journey of sports while building lasting friendships. The programs promote inclusivity, welcoming athletes of all backgrounds and abilities to join and thrive. 

Commenting on the Sports Clinic Programs, MILO® Sports Head Carlo Sampan stated, "We are excited to introduce these comprehensive and dynamic programs to young athletes worldwide. Our aim is to provide them with the necessary tools and guidance to unlock their full potential and develop a lifelong passion for sports. We believe that sports instill valuable life skills and contribute to building a healthier and more active future generation." 

Registration for the MILO® Sports Clinic Programs is now open. Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the official MILO® Sports Clinic website through this link: wherein they can find the contact details of MILO®’s different Sports Clinic partners for inquiries, schedule, and registration details. To learn more about MILO® Sports Clinic, follow MILO® on Facebook.