Davao's 38th Kadayawan Festival promises a spectacular celebration of colors, abundance, & diversity.

Kadayawan Festival is set to make its grand comeback to Davao City in August (inset photo: Lou Works/Kadayawan sa Davao)

This year’s Kadayawan Festival is set to make its grand comeback to Davao City in August, with the theme “Colors of Abundance, Vibrance of Diversity, Festival of Festivals.” 

To celebrate this year’s fiesta, a new Kadayawan Festival logo was unveiled. The new look pays homage to the origin of Davao's name, former festival logos, and cultural patterns from the 11 tribes, which received the approval of the 11 Tribal Deputy Mayors. 

The 38th Kadayawan sa Davao logo unveiled

Vice-Mayor J. Melchor B. Quitain, Jr. with the Deputy Mayors of the 11 Tribes

With the new symbol comes a new song. "Kada Kadayawan,” the official theme song of Kadayawan Festival 202, is inspired by the colorful culture of the tri-people and how Kadayawan has embraced the new age. With lyrics in English, Filipino, and Bisaya, the song promotes inclusivity and opens the festival to everyone. Its beat, a fusion of modern pop and tribal, paints a colorful celebration that can incite dancing. 

Maan Chua & Neil Llanes perform Kada-Kadayawan

“The Kadayawan Festival is synonymous with the spirit of Davao and has become one of the city's best showcases. It serves as a testament to the unity, diversity, and abundance that make Davao truly remarkable,” said Jennifer Romero, City Tourism Officer. 

City Tourism Officer Jennifer Romero

An exciting line-up of exciting events, from “Pag-abli” (opening) to the finale, will make the The 38th Kadayawan Festival a memorable one. It will engage both the locals and guests. 

HIYAS SA KADAYAWAN 2023 with candidates representing the Eleven (11) major tribes of Davao City: Ata, Bagobo-Klata, Bagobo-Tagabawa, Matigsalug, Obu-Manuvu, Iranun, Kagan, Maguindanaon, Maranao, Sama and Taosug. 

Vice-Mayor J. Melchor B. Quitain, Jr. with the reigning & 2023 Hoyas ng Kadayawan candidates 

AGONG UG KULINTANGAN SA KADAYAWAN 2023 highlights the musical talents of the Bangsamoro and Indigenous People communities. Showcasing traditional instruments, like kulintang, agong, gandingan, bebendil, dabaken, gabbang, agongan, ahung tangung-guan, bakakawan, kalatong and flute, the musicians spin melodies and compete for the top prize. 

Agong ug Kulintang finalist is the past Kadayawan

HABI KADAYAWAN 2023 is a luxe wear apparel and fashion accessories design competition. Design hobbyists, students, professionals and indigenous peoples will put forward original designs and products that can win top prize and ultimately, commercial success. 

The 2018 Habi Kadayawan winning pieces

PAMULAK SA KADAYAWAN 2023. Open to all float and floral artists/designers, group, organization, institution or company of the city and its nearby cities and provinces, the entries must be an interpretation of the bountiful harvest of the celebration through floral, greens and fruit display. 

Pamulak sa Kadayawan (Photo-Davao City Government)

INDAK INDAK SA KADAYAWAN 2023 . Tribal beats and colors will fill the streets of Davao as contingents from across the country aim for the laurel. The contest pieces performed in dance with live music can be from an interpretation from folklore, a story or adaptation of any piece, or an authentic representation (with proper endorsement) of any of Davao 11 tribes’ culture. It should also depict the theme or concept that is relevant to the Kadayawan sa Davao 2023 Celebration. 

Indak Indak sa Kadayawan (Photo- Davao City Government)