Kadayawan 2023 x Waterfront Davao: Authentically Davao; Uniquely Waterfront!

It's officially the beginning of a bountiful harvest at the center of it all!

For the 38th Kadayawan Fete, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao joins the fruitful celebration by offering culinary delights with a taste of locality. With the goal of providing guests an opportunity to experience flavors that are Authentically Davao and Uniquely Waterfront, the hotel launches its Kadayawan Fiesta at Cafe Uno Restaurant. For all Fridays to Sundays of the month, guests can feast on Davao's iconIc dishes and delicacies for only Php 1.288.00 nett per person.

Cate Uno's Dabawenyo Fiesta-themed buffet highlights a Kadayawan section with a special array of selections from salads and appetizers like Watertront Pomelo Salad, Native Salad, and Sinuglaw. Their signature dishes Tiyula Itum, Chicken Piyanggang, Shrimp Piaparan, and Sayur Langka are placed in traditional pots (palayok). The spread wouldn't be complete without the main highlights - Calderetang Kambing, Native Chicken Adobo sa Gata, Fish Piyalam, and Pork Humba Dabawenyo. 

You also should not miss the sinfully delicious Dabaweno desserts - Durian Cheesecake, Ube and Langka Mousse, Durian Pie, Coconut Panna Cotta, Malagos Chocolate Cake, Palitaw, Bibingka with Salted Egg, Sapin-Sapin, Ginataang Mais at Bilo-Bilo.

From Mondays to Thursdays, Waterfront Davao's Merienda sa Dakbayan will be available readily for guests who want to indulge in an afternoon food paradise with a selection that's Distinctly Davao, from Watertront Davao's kakanin delicacies to their sweet pastries. For only Php 480.00 nett per person, be ready to eat your fill of local gastronomic experience!

What better way to spend Kadayawan than to bring the best barkada in town? Enjoy La Parilla's newest bundle of joy - Bilao Dabawenyo! For as low as Php 2,788.00 nett per order, feast on the smoking offering that's meant to be shared! You and the whole barkada may choose between the Highlands Set with Chicken Piyanggang, Beef Tapa sa Tuba, Pork Humba, Native Salad, Bisnok Pastil Rice. Tiyula Itum, or the Islands Set that features the Fish Piyalam, Binusog na Pusit, ShrImp Piaparan, Native Salad, Tuna Pastil Rice and Tiyula Itum.

To top off the delectable Kadayawan experience, Waterfront Davao's Pastry Team boasts their version of the Madayaw Decadence - a Durian Yema Moist Cake topped with award-winning local chocolate drizzle. With Davao being home to abundant and fresh local produce: Watertront's newest local confection will trul elevate vour sweet cultural dining experience.

Experience Kadavawan that's Authenticallv Davao: Unique v. Watertront!