PIE celebrates Pindot PIEnalo sa Kadayawan, bonds with Davaoeño KaTroPIEs & introduces newest all-week game show

PIE Jocks Gello Marquez & Nicki Morena with Davao Host Darwin Gevero at GMall Toril

True to its promise of bringing the Pindot PIEnalo experience closer to more KaTropPIEs around the Philippines, PIE flew to bustling Davao City right in time for its annual thanksgiving festival Kadayawan.

The cast of PIE’s newest game show “Mukhang Perya,” led by weekday Game Master Eric Nicolas, joined in the city’s revelry. Tagging along were PIE Jock Gello Marquez and Freshe of BB Gurlz. The irrepressible Nicki Morena came to Davao both as a PIE Jock and Eric’s co-host in the PIE segment of Kadayawan Kapamilya Karavan held at G Mall Toril last Sunday, August 20, 2023.

Davaoeño musical talent joem serenaded KaTroPIEs in attendance at the start of the show, a perfect foil to the fun and games that ensued for the rest of the hour. Freshe also treated KaTroPIEs to a dance number while Gello traded his hosting skills for singing chops, to the delight of the audience.

In true PIE fashion, the audience was treated to special versions of the platform’s beloved game shows: a Calamansi relay game a la “Sinong Manok Mo,” energizing tasks such as Mula sa Nguso vs It’s a Wrap from “Ur Da Boss,” and an old-fashioned ring toss game made more exciting by the cast behind “Mukhang Perya.” All three programs represented at the activity are part of PIE’s upcoming primetime block. More PIEsabog announcements will be made in the coming days.

PIE Jocks Nicki and Gello, together with the PIE marketing team, met the local media and burgeoning KOL community the following day. Over lunch and through a tour of radio stations, the team shared more about PIE and discussed how KatroPIEs will have even more chances of winning with PIE's upcoming programs where a more exciting, gamified experience awaits them.

“Before the team flew to Davao, we have already seen how Davaoeño KaTroPIEs, as well as those from the rest of VisMin, have demonstrated engagement and enthusiasm for our programming, our PIE Jocks, and the Pindot PIEnalo proposition. Seeing and feeling the warm reception in person added to the joy of Kadawayan. The teams that make up PIE are happy,” reports Ro Manalo, KROMA Entertainment’s Head of Marketing.

Now in its second year, PIE is a product of the partnership among innovative entertainment company KROMA, the country’s leading storyteller and content creator ABS-CBN, and the largest corporate venture builder in the Philippines, 917Ventures. PIE is a tradigital entertainment experience that is present on multiple touchpoints: TV, digital, and on ground.

Win Instant Cash and Prizes from Monday to Sunday with PIE's Latest Game Show, ‘Mukhang Perya’

PIE dials up the fun and makes winning easier for KaTroPIEs with its newest all-week game show “Mukhang Perya” that premiered Monday, August 21, 2023 at 6:00 P.M.

Directly inspired by the humble neighborhood perya and perya games that appeal to people of all ages and walks of life, “Mukhang Perya” aspires to be your new prize-winning habit while watching PIE on TV, YouTube, the PIE website, and apps such as GCash on GLife from Monday to Sunday. The new game show will open and close PIE’s Pindot PIEnalo block on weekdays and weekends.

Hosting the show’s weekday 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. run is newly-minted Game Master and endearing comedian Eric Nicolas. Under Eric’s baton, PIE takes on classic perya games and gives each one a new lease on life. He is joined by PIE Jock Zendee. Together they set the stage for the virtual perya and facilitate games to lucky studio players. Completing the cast and helping make the experience even more fun for everyone is Freshe and Angelica of BB Gurlz.

L-R: Game Master Eric Nicolas, PIE Jock Zendee, and BB Gurlz Freshe and Angelica open PIE’s Pindot PIEnalo block from Monday to Friday.

The show returns at 9:00 p.m, with Gillian Vicencio, Gello Marquez , Seham Daghlas, Rans Rifol, and Cianne Dominguez joining BB Gurlz Freshe and Angelica in closing out the Pindot PIEnalo block.

The fun continues on Saturdays and Sundays with Game Master Negi and PIE Jocks Nicki Morena, and Kevin Montillano. They are joined yet again by BB Gurlz Freshe and Angelica. Expect a fun and funny start and end to your weekend Pindot PIEnalo habit.

L-R: Mukhang Perya Game Master Negi, and PIE Jocks Nicki Morena and Kevin Montillano bookend PIE’s Pindot PIEnalo block during weekends

“Mukhang Perya” takes the old-school perya experience to the virtual world where the fun never stops and the prizes just keep coming. As studio players play reimagined old school perya games such as Asintamakana, Bolapag, Ring It On, Boom Putok!, Choose Color, Shoot Puno, and Stop Light Now (Thank You Very Much), they get a better deal from the original because they are eligible to win fun prizes in every round. Walang talo!

Online KaTroPIEs are also eligible to win instant perya prizes such as P50, P100, and P500 when they vote for the correct answer in questions asked throughout the show. Pindot lang ang puhunan, panalo agad!

But the experience isn’t confined to the studio or on digital. Watch for announcements of the “PIE Perya Challenge,” a home partners’ edition of “Mukhang Perya” where KaTroPIEs are encouraged to stage and shoot their very own creative spin-off of the classic ring toss game. Entries with the most votes win the “Special PinakaPIEsaya” award, cash prizes and a chance to be featured on PIE. KaTroPIEs who have create the most difficult, creative, or elaborate ring toss game sert-up are also eligible to win to additional prizes, along with the “PinakaPIEsaya” award.

Even more, “Mukhang Perya” plans on making the rounds to stage actual perya games in your own barangay—a treat for KaTroPies that combines a happy fiesta spirit and the thrill of an instant win. Talk about making something fun even more fun! Watch out for announcements.

Watch, engage, and win on PIE by registering on pie.com.ph. You can also view PIE on free TV by rescanning your digital box, cable TV through Sky Cable, CableLink, and more, the PIE official YouTube channel, and in the GLife section of the GCash app.