Discovery Samal's grand holiday & year-end celebrations

The holiday season at Discovery Samal reached dazzling heights as it bid farewell to the year with two unforgettable celebrations. Its Christmas Eve Dinner Party and New Year's Eve Gala Dinner and Party left guests mesmerized, marking a splendid finale to a year of joy, laughter and memorable moments. Both holiday celebrations started with a mass as thanksgiving for the bountiful and prosperous year. 

An Enthralling Tale with the Nutcrackers - Discovery Samal’s Christmas Eve opened with a light pass-around and cocktails from Heineken while enjoying the rhythmic beats from their resident Disc Jockey, DJ RJ. It was followed by a festive feast where guests relished a culinary symphony curated by our talented chefs. The ambiance was further elevated by the soulful melodies of a live saxophone performance by Alvi Go, creating an enchanting atmosphere that echoed the spirit of the season. 

The night unfolded with a heartwarming Christmas chorale performance from Fabulouz Melodies, filling the air with joyous tunes that resonated with the essence of Christmas. Adding a touch of cuteness to the celebration, they featured their adorable mascots, Coco and Pearl, dressed as nutcrackers with a dance that captivated children and adults alike. The vibrant and playful dance performance brought smiles and laughter, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. 

Everyone was on the edge of their seats with anticipation and excitement as the grand raffle drew cheers from the crowd. Lucky winners walked away with an array of incredible prizes such as F&B vouchers, Spa and Recreation vouchers, and Overnight Stays in a Junior Suite and Samal Suite, adding an extra layer of joy to the festivities. 

As the night progressed, the rhythmic beats of Naughty Notes Band took center stage, guiding guests through a musical journey that celebrated the magic of the holidays. The guests were awed as the Christmas Eve dinner party ended with grand fireworks that magically lit up the sky. 

Into the Future 2024 - Discovery Samal’s New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner and Party was the talk of the town at the beachfront with its futuristic theme. The resort transformed into a haven of celebration full of vigor and life, with a terrific lineup of performances and a grand 14-minute fireworks show at the end. 

Opening the event with a burst of energy to the night was a light show by SRR Audio Lights and Sounds, followed by the Powercast Dance Company, who took to the stage, mesmerizing the audience with electrifying moves. Their synchronized choreography and vibrant performances elevated the excitement, which ensured a dance-filled celebration and set the tone of the overall party. 

The sounds of celebration echoed through the air as Muses Acoustic Band took center stage, serenading with soul-soothing acoustic melodies that created a laid-back ambiance. At the same time, the guests enjoyed an array of sumptuous delights prepared by Executive Chef Daniel Rayos and his team and cocktails from their key partners, Heineken and The Italian Food Specialists. From classic tunes to chart-topping hits, the musical ensemble created an atmosphere of festivity, setting the perfect tone during the buffet dinner. 

With a blazing touch, the night sky came alive with the mesmerizing fire dance and drumbeater performance from the Legendary Fire and Drum Artists from Davao. Their skillfully bold choreography and fiery displays captivated onlookers, creating a visual feast that echoed the excitement of a new beginning. 

While the anticipation for the new year built up, one of the event's highlights was the fantastic raffle prizes from Discovery Samal and other Discovery Properties, such as vouchers and Three-day, two-night stays from the hotels and resorts. Guests were buzzing with excitement, hoping to win one and take home a gift certificate for another blissful vacation. After lucky winners bagged every prize, an eclectic mix of melodies was played to set the perfect tone for the night ahead. Korde band, known for their musical accolades, elevated the atmosphere with infectious rhythms that left guests swaying to the music. 

As the clock struck midnight, Discovery Samal became a haven for celebration for its New Year's Eve Countdown. The night sky lit up with a grand 14-minute fireworks display that painted vibrant hues across the canvas, symbolizing hope, joy and a new beginning. Under the colorful skies, Discovery Samal’s President, Beatrice Gonzalez-Magallanes, Discovery Hospitality’s President, Jose Parreno and Discovery Samal’s General Manager, Stanley Lau, led a toast to the beginning of a new chapter for the resort. 

“Greeting the New Year with a futuristic theme gives everyone a feeling of excitement to know what the year 2024 has in store. We want our guests to envision a great future while welcoming the new year. The theme Into the Future 2024 signifies a positive feeling of looking forward to good things in the years to come,” said the General Manager Stanley Lau. 

The New Year's Eve celebration continued in upbeat spirits with beats amplified by the high-energy tunes from DJ Kevin Rage, ensuring a dance-filled night that set the tone for the new year. 

The success of both events is a testament to the vibrant spirit and warm camaraderie that define Discovery Samal, which simultaneously sends its heartfelt gratitude to its guests, staff and performers who made these celebrations genuinely exceptional.