CNY 2024: Waterfront Davao celebrates first Chinese New Year party at the Garden Pavilion

Enter the Dragons

It was the first for the hotel: a CNY dinner celebration hosted at the Garden Pavilion. After the ritual dotting of Lion's eyes & Dragon Dance to usher in protection, good luck, health, & prosperity to everyone present, guests feasted on fresh whole tuna, Peking Duck & Lechon de Leche among many on the buffet spread.

Traditional Lion & Dragon Dance to usher in good fortune

Dotting the Lion's eyes

Waterfront Insular Davao Hotel Manager Ali Banting

Raising his glass, hotel manager Ali Banting said, "It is a pleasure to be here with you today to help celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. The upcoming year is anticipated to present various challenges, yet it also heralds opportunities to enhance our efforts, innovate, and embrace unconventional ideas. invites us to be inventive, creative and adventurous. It is our hope that the Year of the Dragon will bring prosperity, tranquility, and resilience upon all."

A toast to a great year ahead

For entertainment, there were music, Wushu and fire dancing performances.