SpectruMed opens Mindanao Experience Center in Davao

SpectuMed Experience Center Mindanao opens

SpectruMed is the leading, most trusted provider of advanced, energy-based aesthetic laser devices in the Philippines. Being the Home of the Best Brands, SpectruMed promises the best quality devices, innovative marketing support, and unmatched after-sales service with a team of experts that makes sure your investment performs to its full potential. 

As they celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2024, SpectruMed shows their dedication to excellence expanding their horizons with cutting-edge technologies, new product offerings, and reaching new regions to empower even more professionals. First on the agenda is the grand opening of SpectruMed Experience Center Mindanao, an initiative that aims to foster stronger client relationships in the region by providing industry leaders with a base closer to home. 

SpectruMed Experience Center Mindanao offers the signature sales, technical, and clinical assistance to clients

Hydrafacial Syndeo with Lara Castardo, SpectruMed Clinical Specialist

Located in Davao City, the SpectruMed Experience Center Mindanao offers the signature sales, technical, and clinical assistance that clients expect from the company, including a dedicated Mindanao team to cater to their needs. It is a testament to SpectruMed’s dedication to fulfilling their promise of delivering exceptional after-sales support and unlocking possibilities that will help doctors elevate their practice. 

A first of its kind in the Philippine aesthetic industry, the flagship SpectruMed Experience Center was established in 2021 at Makati, Metro Manila. The space was designed to provide SpectruMed clients a safe and intimate space to gather, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. To this day, the Experience Center remains the perfect venue to experience what SpectruMed has to offer, and is the most conducive space for SpectruMed Laser Academy lectures, webinars, workshops, and masterclasses. 

The success of the first SpectruMed Experience Center paved the way for locations outside Metro Manila. In 2023, the company opened the SpectruMed Experience Center North Luzon in Dagupan City, and now, the Experience Center in Mindanao. 

To officially unveil the Experience Center Mindanao, SpectruMed invited clients, partners, members of press, and bloggers for an open house. Chairman Doron Glazer welcomed the guests and thanked them for being part of SpectruMed’s new journey in Mindanao, while President and CEO Cherryl Morano-Glazer offered a toast to the occasion and to two decades of excellence with SpectruMed. The SpectruMed Davao team was also introduced, and joined the Chairman and CEO at the ribbon cutting ceremony. 

Officially opening SpectuMed Experience Center Mindanao with Consular Officer of Israel in Davao George Marquez, Monica Floirendo-Ugarte & Tony Boy Floirendo

“For the past 20 years, SpectruMed has pioneered laser innovations in the country and fostered thriving partnerships. We've stood alongside industry leaders in building a legacy of success, and we look towards the future with the same unwavering commitment,” says Cherryl Morano-Glazer, SpectruMed’s President & CEO. 

“With the opening of every SpectruMed Experience Center, we renew our promise to be your trusted partner and advocate in the ever-changing landscape of aesthetics. We look forward to the new possibilities in this new chapter and invite you to join us in our spectrum of success.” 

SpectruMed duo: President & CEO Cherryl Morano-Glazer with Chairman Doron Glazer

The SpectruMed Experience Center Mindanao is located at Oroderm City, C.M. Recto, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur.


Seen at the affair:

Gorge Marquez, Dolly Marquez & Amy Oropeza

Doron Glazer with OroDERM's Dr. Neil Oropeza

Tony Boy Floirendo & Monica Floirendo-Ugarte