Art You Can Live In: Mañosa & Co. unveils Likha Residences Davao on June 1

Gelo Mañosa, CEO of Mañosa and Company and managing partner of A. Mañosa + Architects (Photo courtesy of Focus Global, Inc.)

Creative. Functional. Livable. Imagine a space skillfully fashioned that it delivers a visual image of a hyperrealism art work. But rather than an illusion captured by a painter on the canvas, the creative minds and skillful hands of design visionaries transform the image into three-dimensional reality, where all components within the frame is tangible and functional. It’s “art you can live in,” and the renowned architectural firm of Mañosa & Co. will be “painting” a new project in the Davao scenery in the coming days.

Likha Residences Davao will be an exciting addition to the booming residential landscape of the city. In this unique undertaking, the townhome development will embrace Mindanao culture fusing it with modern day living. With a limited number of dwelling spaces in the low-density village, only a handful will be lucky to own this artwork—and live in it. 

"Embracing the rich heritage of the Mandaya tribe's intricate artistry with Dagmay, our residential development weaves a tapestry of tradition and modern living. Inspired by the sacred craft of handwoven abaca textiles, our design echoes the soulful narratives of Filipino folklore and beliefs. Every space is meticulously adorned with patterns and elements unique to our region, creating a harmonious blend of cultural reverence and contemporary comfort," expressed Gelo Mañosa,  CEO of Mañosa and Company and managing partner of A. Mañosa + Architects, in describing Likha Residences Davao's model unit design. "Through this celebration of art and tradition, our architecture becomes more than just structures; they become a testament to the essence of Filipino identity, rooted in time and place."

To give Davao a peek into the exciting soon-to-rise development, Likha Residence Davao will be officially unveiled in a stylish "Art You Can Live In" affair on June 1, 2024. This highly anticipated event promises an engaging experience in the intersection of artistry, tradition, and modern living. In this gathering, guests will have the exclusive opportunity to explore the exquisite designer townhomes crafted by the renowned Mañosa & Co., each showcasing artistic elegance and innovative design concepts.

The grand launching event will showcase the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define Likha Residences Davao. Esteemed architect Gelo Mañosa will grace the occasion, offering insights into the architectural philosophy that defines their renowned firm. Upholding the principles championed by his late father, National Artist for Architecture Francisco Mañosa, Gelo continues the legacy of his family's profound influence on Philippine architecture.

Invited guests, real estate brokers, sellers, and members of the media who share a passion for art, design, and luxury living can expect an evening filled with elegance, sophistication, and cultural immersion as they explore the meticulously curated spaces of Likha Residences Davao. 

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