Likha Residences Davao: Live in a Mañosa masterpiece

Gelo Mañosa, CEO of Mañosa and Company and managing partner of A. Mañosa + Architects (Photo courtesy of Focus Global, Inc.); Architect's rendition of the townhouse facade of Likha Residences Davao

National Artist for Architecture Francisco Mañosa has showcased his modern Filipino masterpieces across the archipelago and you may be familiar with several, like the Coconut Palace with its salakot-like roofing, and closer to home is the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, the famed island getaway with the iconic Parola, a postcard image of Davao. Another Mañosa-stamped development will be rising soon in the city. It promises to be as masterfully crafted, like art, as one would expect of a Mañosa, This, however, is art you can live in—the Likha Residences Davao, modern Filipino townhouses in an exclusive, low density village North of the city. You might be one of the select few who can reside in this private enclave by 2027. 

On the helm of the exciting project is Gelo Mañosa, CEO of Mañosa and Company and managing partner of A. Mañosa + Architects. The architect continues his father’s legacy in conceiving structures that are “true to itself, true to the land, and true to its people,” and aligns with the PHINMA Properties’ vision in creating sustainable communities. PHINMA is a 1956-established Filipino conglomerate with property development in its portfolio.

Alicia Dela Peña-Villanueva Sales and Marketing Manager for Likha Residences at the recent PEP Talk PressCon in SM Lanang Premier in Davao

“Likha means ‘to create’ and we are creating homes in the design philosophy of Mañosa—climate conscious, purposeful designs suited for the Philippine climate. You will be see our townhouses have optimal sunlight with not much heat gain, cross ventilation, maximum airflow, windows are big and customized size for the doors, traditional Filipino elements like the adobe stones for the exterior, pretty much the Mañosa touch in our townhouses,” said Alicia dela Peña-Villanueva, sales and marketing manager for Likha Residences, adding that Likha will be in the distinct Mañosa palette to give it that timeless look rather than trendy. 

Going beyond the essence of the bahay kubo is imbibing the soul of the locality. In this case, a Davao tribe. "Embracing the rich heritage of the Mandaya tribe's intricate artistry with Dagmay, our residential development weaves a tapestry of tradition and modern living. Inspired by the sacred craft of handwoven abaca textiles, our design echoes the soulful narratives of Filipino folklore and beliefs. Every space is meticulously adorned with patterns and elements unique to our region, creating a harmonious blend of cultural reverence and contemporary comfort," expressed Gelo Mañosa, 

Likha Residences Davao will be a low density residential project comprising 94 master-crafted modern Filipino townhomes with amenities within a 1.7-hectare property. Each unit is designed with three floors with an option to install an elevator. 

Villanueva shares that Davao's real estate landscape today consists mainly of condominiums and detached houses within villages. Likha Residences is marrying the conveniences of both “With our townhouse development we want to be able to offer the convenience of the lock-and-go lifestyle and the perks of a property management to assist you, like electrical and plumbing, services one gets from a condominium. But unlike the condominiums, the Likha Residences townhouses offer bigger spaces and the residents get to own the land their units stand on,” she said. 

When asked who the market of the development is, she said that Likha Residences is geared towards the underserved market—families who want to right-size their homes, those who don’t want to maintain big houses anymore. 

“Likha wants to be able to embody that a townhouse shouldn't be a transition home or a starter home. We want it to be a forever home, something that you can pass on to the next generation. That's why the specs that we put there are meant to last. It’s your modern heritage home. It’s an investment.” 

To launch the prestigious project, PHINMA will be hosting a series of art-inspired grand celebrations to highlight the facets defining the Likha Residences fine living: Art You Can Live In, Art You Can Wear, and Art You Can Taste. In these affairs, the host will be collaborating with esteemed homegrown talents in the pursuits of fine jewelry and fine dining.

Kicking off the chic art series fetes, PHINMA will unveil the Manosa magic in this Southern city at the grand launching of Likha Residences Davao on June 1, 2024 at the Dusit Davao Grand Ballroom. In this by-invitation only “Art You Can Live In” affair, guests will have the first peek at the meticulously designed townhomes conceived in the design philosophy of the renowned firm, Mañosa & Co. marrying artistry, tradition, and modern living.

The Likha Residences Team at the recent presscon. Flordelyn Saavedra - Sales Coordinator (Likha Residences Davao); Alicia Dela Peña-Villanueva Sales and Marketing Manager for Likha Residences; and, Krizza Mae Gayta Marketing Officer (Likha Residences Davao)