Likha Residences Davao: “Art You Can Live In” unveiled in a grand affair

Glasses raised to celebrate the formal unveiling of Likha Residences Davao. EJ Qua Hiansen, Chief Financial Officer, PHINMA Corp.; Gemma & PepC Velez, Joint Venture Partners; Raphael B. Felix, President & CEO, PHINMA Properties

The grand launch of Likha Residences Davao was held at the Dusit Thani Hotel Grand Ballroom, marking a significant milestone in the city’s real estate landscape. This exclusive event showcased the fusion of Filipino culture, modern lifestyle, and exceptional artistry, setting a new benchmark for an art you can live in. 

From the moment guests arrived for cocktails, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation. They were greeted by event host, Cara Eriguel-Rabat, and the evening began with a captivating performance by soprano-songwriter, Lara Maigue, setting the tone for a night of elegance and cultural appreciation. 

Soprano and songwriter, Lara Maigue

In his welcome message, Ernesto C. Paredes, PHINMA Properties COO and Chief Compliance Officer said, “At PHINMA Properties, we deeply understand that the Filipino dream is beautifully simple — to live a life of comfort and ease. True comfort is found in places that resonate with our hearts and honor our heritage. Likha Residences embodies these values, offering not just luxurious townhomes, but a space that fosters community and cultural pride.” 

Ernesto C. Paredes, PHINMA Properties COO and Chief Compliance Officer

One of the key highlights of the evening was a video interview with Architect Gelo Mañosa, who provided an in-depth look into the inspiration and design philosophy behind Likha Residences Davao. Despite being unable to attend in person due to an urgent trip to Spain, Mañosa’s insights were brought to life through a video filmed at his home in Ayala Alabang. Following this, a detailed project video gave guests a first-time viewing of the townhomes' interiors, showcasing features like private elevators and bedroom balconies, designed to offer both luxury and practicality. 

Architect Gelo Mañosa

“We’ve tried as much as possible to make sure that the unit that they buy meets our standards. We have specified good materials which I believe are of good quality, and they should last quite a bit. We created a design which we are hoping can be just as flexible to a greater good, because it’s very difficult to design a home for a client you do not know. It’s easier to design for a client that you do know. So, we’ve always tried to imagine ourselves, to look at it at a larger spectrum, how we would see ourselves using the space. And that’s one of the things I always look at – if this were my home, how would I look at that space? We kind of put a lot of how we would see ourselves in it. And so I’m hoping that somehow, we kind of shared a little bit of us in Davao,” shared Gelo Mañosa in his video message to the guests present at the gathering. 

The event also featured a panel discussion with prominent figures from the project, including PHINMA Property Holdings Corporation President and CEO, Raphael B. Felix, Architect Dave Portoza, Production Head of the Architecture Department at Mañosa & Co., and Principal Geomancer of Guang Ming Feng Shui, Melvin Sua. They discussed various aspects of the project, from its sustainable design and feng shui elements to its impact on the local community and real estate market. 

Cara Eriguel-Rabat, event host; Ar. Dave Portoza, Production Head, Architecture Department, Mañosa & Co.; Raphael B. Felix, President & CEO, PHINMA Properties; Melvin D. Sua, Principal Geomancer, Guang Ming Feng Shui

When asked how Likha Residences Davao contribute to the local community and real estate landscape, and how will it shape the future of upscale living in Davao City, Raphael B. Felix replied, “There are the 800, 1000-square meter lots, big houses in which case you’re looking at maybe 80, 100 million upwards, and there are the condominiums for you to choose from – high rise, very well situated, nothing in between. Either way, you’re paying a fortune for both. We marry those things– you’re in a horizontal development. Yes, it’s a bit smaller than your house and lot, but it’s similarly sized or even much significantly larger than a condominium, for a price of a condominium. So that is how we are changing the landscape.” 

“Likha is we’re going into relatively old communities developed years ago, and we’re changing the look, we’re modernizing it, we’re giving life into an old community, giving it a breath of fresh air with new residents, younger residents, just by the kind of architecture, and the kind of development there is. It’s really kind of like a social obligation for us to be able to reshape urban communities,” he added. 

In a ceremonial toast, PHINMA Group Chief Financial Officer, EJ Qua Hiansen, and Joint Venture Partner, Mr. PepC Velez celebrated the launch, marking the beginning of a new chapter in upscale living for Davao City. 

Ceremonial toast. PHINMA Group Chief Financial Officer, EJ Qua Hiansen, and Joint Venture Partner, Mr. PepC Velez

Guests were then treated to a fine dining experience accompanied by another stellar performance from Lara Maigue. The program’s finale featured a runway preview of Emilia Sitjar Jewellery, which highlighted the concept of "Art You Can Wear." The bespoke pieces, designed to be heirlooms, paralleled the enduring value of Likha Residences. 

Emilia Sitjar Jewellery in ""Art You Can Wear" 

The evening unfolded with socializing, reservation of units, and handing out event souvenirs, leaving guests with a lasting impression of Likha Residences Davao. 

The grand launch of Likha Residences Davao was more than just an unveiling of a new real estate project; it was a celebration of art, culture, and the promise of a luxurious and harmonious living experience. 

PHINMA Properties has once again demonstrated its commitment to creating exceptional communities that resonate with the Filipino spirit.


Who came to the party?

Mike Dakudao, Lena Benedicto, Jinggoy Salvador & Baby Montemayor

Sylvia Garcia, Malouchi Gahol & Louie Gahol

Christian Pasumbal, Emil Sitjar, Emilia Sitjar, Gemma Velez & PepC Velez

Miguel Benedicto & Rommel Benedicto with PHINMA's Ej Qua Hiansen, Chakka Bakunawa & Alice Villanueva  

Jolo Velez & Chelsea L. Monasterio ; Andy Tuason &  Kat Laurel-Tuason

Bianca Limjuco & Nena Hizon-Daluz 

Titoboy & Tina Tionko ; Sylvia Lorenzana & Lito Lorenzana 

Chris Tuason, Arianna del Rosario & Rochelle del Rosario

Joy Mempin, Richard & Mrs. Villanueva