L'art du maquillage Otoy Mercado: The artist on style and comfort

Who doesn't know Otoy Mercado?
Once one of Davao's favorite fashion designer, he cast away his mighty pen for an equally powerful medium-the make-up brush. Otoy Mercado is now the city's most sought-after make-up artist.
After sixteen years of styling women professionally locally and abroad and successfully managing and making Kasuotan a must-go to house in the Davao fashion scene, he made a big career move, a leap of fate that must have been written in the stars.
"Just like painting, it gives me creative freedom to work with my hands and show my creativity in mastering colour blending and application through the medium of cosmetics," the artist says of his new craft.
After the major crossover, Otoy now enjoys more time to himself and have reconnected with the rest of world delighting in travel and recreation, pleasures he purposely put on hold while giving his 100 percent full attention in running his fashion atelier.
Somehow, it is this career change that made Otoy more visible today. He is adding product endorsements to his list of achievements- today, a watch brand and soon an aesthetic establishment.
But this talent hasn't taken his final bow on his previous industry. When not making the women beautiful for their affairs, Otoy is busy with his fashion styling stint for M Magazine making sure Mindanao gets a nod when viewed by readers nationwide.
Otoy is still the perennial busy bee buzzing about town. Here he talks about beauty and style in the city, the importance of comfort and his new-found love affair with Crocs.

Why did you shift from designing clothes to making over women?
Having a career shift was unplanned. Retiring from doing clothes and traveling gave me the opportunity to see and try new things one of which is make up.
Which is mightier, the pen or the brush?
Both I guess. Depending on the surface you're going to use it on.
What transpires on a regular working day?
It varies. There are days I'm not so busy and there are days when I lose track of time and can't even remember if I have eaten or faced the mirror to check if I still look human.
How do you describe the fashion and beauty scene in the city?
I'm so happy to say that we are keeping with the times. The fashion and beauty scene in the city has its own modern and global feel, Davao style.
Name three things every stylish woman should have in her purse.
For me, being stylish means being practical. So, every modern woman should have a good pair of sunglasses, the perfect shade of lipstick and a small bottle of cologne.
The three most beautiful women in Davao are....
I can't name just three because I have seen so many here in town, no biases for me. Besides beauty is always subjective.
My dream client is....
Locally, the current city mayor. In my dreams, Carmen dell'orefice
Describe your personal style.
I would say basic, practical and timeless.
Who are in your closet?
Hehehehe....next question please.
Comfort is ... being secure.
How does Crocs fit into your lifestyle?
Crocs is comfortable, durable. Just the perfect qualities a foot wear should have which I need most, most especially when I am on location for an assignment.
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Printed in SunStar Davao November 21, 2010
Photography (outdoor): Niko Villegas of Edge of Light  for Nikon, on location at Paseo de Legaspi, Davao City

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