The Perfect Pair

She was working in a hotel, he came to Davao for business. Their paths crossed, fell in love and exchanged vows on the island they now call home, Boracay, at least one of their homes. What place could be more ideal for this outdoorsy wedded duo who prefers to settle in the “no stress” and flip-flop zone than this idyllic island. Perfect pair, perfect match. Live and love in paradise.

Kim & Nikki in their island home
Today, Nikki runs and teaches yoga with partners in True Yoga in Boracay while Kim runs his business affairs with his partners in his own office—where he is standing. It is their independence from the wage earner’s confines that has made them own their time and pursue their other passions which they both are into- surfing and traveling.

With open minds and hearts, positive attitude and adventurous nature, Kim and Nikki has and will be venturing perpetually far from the shores of their island home, ride the kahunas and discover more of the world.

I may know have known them for quite a while but I am still discovering that, indeed, this is one inspiring couple who seem to be a perfect match in more ways than one.

What transpires on a regular working day?

Kim (K): Mostly email and phone calls throughout the day. I don’t have a fixed office.
Nikki (N): Wake up for yoga in the morning, either to teach a class or do my self-practice.

When did you both discover your love for your craft and passion?

: Six years ago when I moved to Boracay. My first yoga class was at Mandala Spa.
K & N: Surfing for both of us started in early 2008 in Manila. Since then, it’s heading to La Union for surf trip and hanging out at the wave pool in Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal, for us.
K: I’ve always been in love with water. I’ve been swimming for as long as I remember.

And your love for travel?

K & N: A long time ago! It just got more interesting when we started traveling together.
K: My parents took us traveling very young, so I’ve always loved it. But it was Nikki who introduced me to backpacking!

Between work, leisure and travel, has time management ever an issue? How do you manage your time? 

N: Time management has never been an issue in my case. It used to be when I had a 9 to 5 job, which I happily gave up. Teaching & being a lifetime student of yoga gives me a wonderful reason to travel, not that I’d ever need one.
K: I’m usually a mess. If it weren’t for my partners and Nikki, I’d never be able to make up my mind and get anything done. But being able to work from anywhere gives me a lot of wiggle room when it comes to scheduling anyway.

How often do you take off to another spot in the globe? 

K & N: We go out of the country together around twice each year, though we don’t really plan too much in advance. Solo, we travel a few times more, me for my yoga & Kim for his surf trips.

And the first place you both went to was…..? 

K & N
: Singapore, backpacking style! :) Almost 10 years ago, we even stayed at a cute hostel in Little India. That was fun.
in Bali
Your favorite city and why?

N: You can’t ask a traveler this & expect one answer! :D My top three would be Tokyo, Rome & Athens.
K: Right now, it’s Zambales. epic surf and screen-saver scenery right here in our backyard. Abroad, it has to be Bali.

Travel light or voyage of excess baggage? 

N: Travel light going, travel heavy coming back. :)
K: As light as possible. I hate checking things in.

Comfort is….. 

N: Coming home to my island and nest after weeks or months of traveling.
K: Exhausted, dreamless sleep after a whole day of surf.

How does Crocs fit into your lifestyle?

N: Living on the beach, we don’t need shoes! We survive on slippers, especially lightweight ones like Crocs.
K: I almost live in slippers. Shoes are for losers.

(J: Looks like the perfect pair found their perfect pair!)

In my bucket list is……

N: 37 things to do - to be exact. Next up is to travel back to India & see the deserts of Rajasthan.
K: I’m going to surf the world, a little bit at a time.

Any advise for the budding traveler? 

N: Keep your mind open. Prepare to be challenged then enjoy it. Have a plan & don’t stick to it all the time. Surprise yourself. Take time to talk to the locals or fellow travelers. Sometimes the real gems are found off the beaten track.
K: There is a Balinese word I had tattooed on me to remind me. Santai. It means - relax.

If there’s a place any person should visit, which will you recommend? 

N: Santorini, Greece.
K: Pundaquit in Zambales.
The three things the traveler should never forget to bring are…. 

N: Apart from the obvious (passport, money/atm card, etc) - a sarong or a big shawl, foldable umbrella & your music (Ipod, mp3 etc) to keep you company.
K: A good, long book.

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