Condom....condom kayo d'yan....

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Alabang who?

'Ala bang condom d'yan?

Meron, pero by prescription only. 
Huh? Sa Davao ipamimigay lang.

use one, save many....

This is truly deserving of apples....& applause....
Davao City crafts law to accept condom donations
By Ben O. Tesiorna
DAVAO CITY -- Local officials here are out for another faceoff with the Catholic Church leaders as they plan to create a law that will allow the city to accept condom donations and distribute them for free.
On Monday, Mayor Zara Duterte urged the City Council to pass an ordinance that will encourage private companies and individuals to donate condoms for the city.
Duterte said a donor has shown interest in donating condoms to the city, but the absence of an ordinance prevents her from doing so.
The mayor said she already had consulted several members of the City Council regarding the matter.
Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the mayor’s father, said Tuesday he will push for the passage of the proposed ordinance as soon as possible.
He said he is amenable of the proposal because his constituents need it.
Asked if he is not afraid of a possible negative reaction from the Church for favoring the condom ordinance, Vice Mayor Duterte said he does not care what the Church would say.
"I only obey God. I don't obey my religion especially on matters bordering on stupidity," Vice Mayor Duterte said. "I do not need any Church, any sect, any faith to tell me what is good for the people," he added.
Mayor Duterte shared the same opinion as her father. She said that while she expects strong opposition from the Catholic Church and the so-called pro-life advocates, she stressed that the Church and the government have different obligations and so government is not bound to abide by the views of the Catholic Church.
She said such an ordinance is needed since the City Government cannot accept such donations without it.
"Naa man gud untay grant na ihatag sa city, especially sa kaning libre na condom, na pang distribute sa City Health Office. Nangayo man gud ang grantor ug ordinance gikan sa city (The city is set to receive a grant for free condoms, which the City Health Office will distribute. But the grantor is seeking for an ordinance for this)," she said.
This was not the first time that the Dutertes disagree with the Catholic Church. The Dutertes had been openly supporting the passage of the controversial Reproductive Health Bill in Congress.
While the controversial bill had been shelved many times at the Senate and House of Representatives, the Davao City Council passed the Women's Health Code, which among others, covers reproductive health.
The code faced opposition from local Church officials.
Another controversial ordinance that the City Council had passed is the Local Development Plan for Children, which has provisions on reproductive health. (Sun.Star Davao/Sunnex)

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on April 06, 2011.

For Mayor Sarah Duterte & Vice-mayor Rody Duterte....
thank you,
& keep up the great work!
Davao City loves you!