How Davao City save lives.

The rising numbers of HIV+ cases in the city is alarming. Davao ranks Number 2 in the country today. This effort by the City Mayor will help derail the city's HIV+ trip to the Number 1 slot.

My hats are off to you madame.
Condom ordinance pushed 
Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte on Monday urged the City Council to pass an ordinance that will encourage donation of condoms, which will be distributed for free in the city.
Duterte said a certain donor has shown interest in donating condoms to the city, but the absence of an ordinance prevents him from doing so.
The mayor said she already consulted several city councilors regarding the matter.
"The city is set to receive a grant for free condoms, which the City Health Office will distribute. But the grantor is seeking for an ordinance for this," she said.
Duterte likewise expects opposition from the Catholic Church and among pro-life advocates but she already has briefed the councilors to look in every aspect of the issue.
Meanwhile, councilor Bernard Al-ag said the ordinance particularly aims to address the increasing Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) cases. Family planning is only secondary.
Al-ag said the proposed ordinance will not exploit the youth or minors as condoms will not be made accessible to them.
Reported by Jereco O. Paloma for SunStar Davao.


Always look at the bigger picture.
I pray you hear the alarm sounding. Don't let it shriek at your ear, that time may be too late- for you.