You can't have it all, Georgina!

IT’S true. The Universe is generous and eternally teeming with gifts waiting to be bestowed to those who want them. All you have to do is ask.

There is no such thing as asking too much. In fact, if you have to ask, ask big! If it’s time for you to receive them, it will come flowing your way. You have to want it badly, and deserving of what you ask for.

Such is the same for the younger generation who seemed to be enjoying their new world far differently from what it was during my time.

Life was simpler a few years back (ok, it’s decades), but kids today appeared to have it easier. I think everything is served to them on a silver tray. The generation gap is staring me in the face and I just have to shake my head in disbelief.

Then, it was cost-free to get us outdoors. The elders’ dilemma was in the getting us back in the house. Tell the kids now to play "shatong", "tigso" or "touch the color", and they stare at you with a blank face. It’s for this very reason why my "old" playmates have to reach for the wallet and shell out more moolah, even after a costly school year, to get their kids to stay active. That, or their kids get glued to the computer. The Game & Watch was easier to set aside than the DS version Nintendo has today.

It is unbelievable what the spending capacity of these youngsters have today. Just a few days ago I spotted a bunch of kids in their early teens hanging out in Starbucks with their Venti sized cups on hand. Whatever they’re sipping on was an easy couple of hundred bucks a pop, the most costly of their drink choice. I wonder how much allowance the youth get these days.

I won't be surprised at all if these young kids carry a credit card in their wallets. Owning one is easier these days, sometimes you don’t even have to ask for it. One or two or more pre-approved cards can arrive in the mail. In these kids’ cases, an extension of their parent’s card will explain why they possess one.

Have you seen how many credits cards are flooding the world of commerce is today? Unbelievable! In our country alone, there must be hundreds. The paperless convenience has merchants scrambling in the arena to join the game and coming up with their house credit cards linked with some bank. The level of temptation just keeps rising. Without restraint and a credit limit, the plastic and retail therapy will make a very dangerous pair.

Recently, I encountered a new credit card with a bragging right, technology wise, and the owning company had their invention patented. Yes, it’s plastic turned fantastic -- a transparent and translucent (with blue accent) no magnetic strip innovation called Blue by American Express issued by BDO (yes JP, they were smiling on launching night).

The loaded Blue Amex just can't fit in my wallet!

Won't fit in back pocket either!

The younger set will go gaga over the design -- it’s cool, sleek and chic, so sci-fi, in fact. If they do qualify, then this card will be a great addition to your wallet inserts collection. Isn’t it fabulous to be toting a portable invention loaded with benefits? It can be dazzling and hip enough to flash!

Georgina Wilson has one, and girl, she flashed more than just the card... The smile was the other one. Any girl would be grinning widely if they had her modelesque stature, that magazine cover gorgeous face, a credit card in one hand and Borgy Manotoc on the other. She just has everything! Or so you think.

Georgina flashing her Blue Amex......& smile.

Unsatisfied with her wallet-sized Blue Amex, she wanted MY card as well. It’s far bigger than hers, in size, and credit limit perhaps. So she came grabbing it from me. I have the pictures to prove it.

Tired with the tugging, I made her a deal. My card for Borgy.

She chose Borgy.

Sorry Georgina, but you can’t have it all.

PS. If you feel you don’t either, that’s nothing retail therapy can’t handle. Go get that Blue Amex at BDO. Search, search, search, approach and ask how you can own the Plastic Fantastic from that front liner whose lips bears a resemblance to a smile. Good luck!

PPS. Thanks Georgina for acting it up with me. Ever thought of getting into the movies? Bisous!

Published in Sun.Star  Davao newspaper on May 29, 2011.

Georgina chose Borgy Manotoc,

Bryan Ramos, Louie & Malouchi Gahol, Anavi-Laxa-Ramos

Marris Lat

Maybelle Yu

Michelle Seng & Tobi Ang

Big smiles from BDO's Nanette Regala, & Ophie Carmiña

Otoy Mercado, Cyril Binangon & Kenneth Ong