Designer VIllas

WE ALL know that the tropical and contemporary design of the Pearl Farm Beach Resort is truly Pinoy, conceived by the "champion of Filipino architecture" Francisco Mañosa. The salakot was the inspiration and utilizing the native materials, rattan, nipa, coconut and bamboo, the designer has expressed his conviction that "the simplest indigenous materials can be transformed into distinctive exteriors and elegant interiors that nurture a contemporary lifestyle."

Soon enough, the resort became a landmark in the region showcasing its influence of the local tribe, the Maranao. The fusion of the ethnic - villas on stilts on the water, beach and hill slope, with interiors laced with crafts of the Yakan, Tausug and Badjao- and the comfort of a modern deluxe hotel have made Pearl Farm one of the country's foremost tourist destinations.

Although all the units of the resort afford its guests with a magnificent view of the Davao gulf, the Mt. Apo and the setting sun, it is the "houses" in the small island across the resort that exudes luxury and privacy- the Malipano Villas.

The equivalent to presidential suites, these villas were originally intended for the use of the owners but the resort soon opened them to their guests. The units may look the same on the exterior having been built from a single plan, but it is in the interiors that these villas they will differ on. The owners of each villa have decorated their island homes according to their own personal tastes.

Recently, designer Maricris F. Brias put her touches to two of the Malipano villas and utilized the products she created from the tinalak. Her contemporary take on the hand-woven fabric of the Tiboli tribe in Mindanao blend perfectly with the design ideals of the architect. Complementing her designs are the innovative furniture fashioned by her peers from Movement 8, an elite group of Philippine accessory and furniture designers. The result is breathtaking.

The extent of how the tinalak material is manufactured and the hours poured in creating the end product showcase sheer talent and ingenuity, not to mention the richness of the local culture, in every inch of the décor. From the extensive designs of throw pillow covers to the walls of the suites in muted colors of nature, Brias transformed the tinalak into breathtaking works of art - artworks that inspire, artworks that standout in all the rooms that's free of any design clutter.

These are indeed designer villas from vision to creation, Mañosa's Filipino design houses on stilts to Brias' culturally rich tinalak accessories from Mindanao, the artists' names are branded in the design aesthetics of the Malipano Villas. Looks that are distinctively their own.

It comes to no surprise why there is a surge in the appreciation and wonder for everything Filipino from guests, both foreign and local, after a visit at the Pearl Farm. The deluxe resort is not just a showcase of our famous hospitality, but also of Filipino ingenuity. It displays how the Pinoys can use and turn our abundant natural resources into world-class products. Like.

Published in Sun.Star newspaper on June 5, 2011.