The story of the sleeve, dressing up for Hijos de Davao

My top choices from the 74th Hijos de Dabaw Ball.
Monotone sophistication: Marris Lat in Erwin Tan, Trisha Braun-del Rosario in Oj Hofer,
Caroline Taujo in Edgar Buyan & Baby Garcia in Inno Sotto.

OPINIONS. There was no lack of it when the devastating act of nature struck the city on the early hours of St. Peter’s Day, Davao’s Patron Saint. The flashflood submerged areas of the city underwater causing damage to property and worse, claiming lives. It was shocking, and the gravity, unexpected. Everyone scrambled to their feet to offer whatever help they can.

Elsewhere in the city, tongues were wagging.

Topic? Hijos de Dabaw.

The June 29th social gathering is a tradition. For the past forty-six years, the descendants of the city’s original settlers have seen the civic organization’s membership grow. So did its projects- scholarships, beautification, etc., but not everyone know of the association’s socially relevant objectives.

Meanwhile, as the attendees were donning their Ternos and Barong Tagalogs, they had apprehensions about joining the 47th year anniversary gathering. In the midst of tragedy, was this appropriate? Should have it been cancelled?

The butterfly sleeves, the traditional and the stylized, made its way to the Rigodon de Honor, but not without another special cause in mind. On everyone’s sleeves, were their hearts. The organization opted not to cancel but use the event as a channel to an urgent call for help.

On the lighter side, the writer (and a fan of the glamorous terno) had to chronicle the flight of the butterfly, maimed or not. Comparing to the past couple of years, fine execution and striking design of the national dress took a back seat. The number of beautiful ternos has diminished. Maybe the calamity was foreseen after all?

There is always hope. Davao will rise from these tribulations- the aftermath of the calamity and the fading glamour of the social ball. Tomorrow, everything will be better.

(Unknown to many, the Hijos de Dabaw was able to extend its aid to the victims of the flashflood, sans the publicity. Kudos to the organization.)

Published in Sun Star Davao Weekend on July 10, 2011.

Stylized terno on Ada Angala by Aztec Barba, vintage Boy Guino-o on Marie Tionko, two-toned ensemble for Judith Barran in Jun Escario & Annie Cacho-Garcia in Dennis Lustico, classic ecru on Lani Mercado & muted pastels for Milen Garcia-Albano both by Rajo Laurel, Mabel Soriano Lemen in Juliet Pamintuan, Sylvia Gempesaw in John of Limited & Jackie Dizon in Dodgie Batu.

This is how you wear it.
The men sleek & chic in perfectly fiited Barong Tagalog:
Designers Alfonso Guino-o & Oj Hofer donning their own works,
Butchoy Taojo in Chardin & Mike Dakudao using Rachy Cuna's all-natural fabric,
Toby Ang in Patis Tesoro & Iñigo Taojo in Chardin.