{ Bitch BItes } SANS RIVAL de Leandro's Catering y Happy Home Restaurant

Bitch Bites: Trying what's new on the menu.


The Sans Rival of Leandro's Catering & Happy Home Restaurant

So let's take sin a notch higher and commit mortal sin. 

I know that to munch/gorge/feast on butter at it's purest form is not too good for your health. But like we all say, everything bad is definitely good. 

Case in point, the Sans Rival of Leandro's Catering & Happy Home.

These heavenly bars are made only of fresh, premium butters (no substitutes or blends), fresh eggs and cashews. Five layers of wafers (meringue) with generous serving of butter & cashews spread in between layers. The result is what you call "temptation", like Eve's apple to Adam.

Unlike other Sans Rivals that break into powdery pieces of crumbs when sliced, unbelievably tall but airy (puro yabang pero walang laman) that make it difficult to eat (unless you flatten it, then it looks like a biscuit), & only slivers of butter servings in between bubbled merengue, the Leandro's Catering & Happy Home delectable madness is the complete opposite. Their's is best eaten straight out of the ref or freezer not unless you want the butter all over your fingers & lose the magic of enjoying the sinful experience (it cannot withstand room temperature too long), is compact, is crunchy & chewy with each bite, & best of all, it is served in individually wrapped bars. So, it's ergonomically engineered in size for everyone's bite & you only take out of the chiller what is needed to be served. 

But be forewarned, this dessert is sweetened to perfection (meaning, even those who don't enjoy sugar can gorge on these. A tinge of sweetness, so to speak) and for sure, you can't stop once you unwrap. You might as well stay close to the ref.

Look at that generous serving of yummy butter!!!!

This sinful Sans Rival is sold in bars of 24 individually-wrapped bars in a package that goes for P 650.00 per order at Leandro's Catering, and also available at Happy Home Restaurant at a retail price of P 65.00 per serving (two bars per serving). 

SOLD/SERVED ONLY WHEN AVAILABLE. Can be ordered 3 days in advance, call 222-5578.

Leandro's Catering & Happy Home Restaurant is along F. Torres Street fronting the Assumption Church. Convenient enough for you to go to confession because you had several servings of this mortal sin. The priests will forgive you because they can relate to you.