Culture & Cuisine. Kadayawan 2011 at the Apo View Hotel

Caught a lively cultural performance when Marijac Pamintuan, AVH PR lady, asked me to join her for lunch at the Entree.  Nodded to this invite because: 1. I believe that Entree still serves the best buffet in town; and 2. To get that Kadayawan spirit alive after hearing & reading (not-so-great news) about the only-three-weeks-to-organize (quoted from a councilor) city festivity (bonga!). The outpouring of intrigues are disconcerting-- from the (still) unexplained "new branding" to drab advertising materials to conflicting festival information (bonga-ier!), and lately,  to the "non-transparent operation by the new foundation in charge of the event" (bonga-iest!). But congratulations are still in order, everyone took part in filling the schedule of activities, it will amaze you. 

And one of those to commend is this hotel- the Apo View.

On its final week, Apo View is showcasing the best of Mindanao's culture & cuisine in their "Kadayawan Fiesta at the Apo View. Cultural performances, Mandaya weaving Dagmay fabric, art exhibition by a Tiboli artist, and indigenous-inspired cuisine are just some of the activities that transpire in their hotel daily. Here, the atmosphere is upbeat, the colors vibrant, & the cuisine, a delight to the palate. Truly festive!

Showcase of culture:

Tribal dance by the Kaagan Dance Theatre Collective Inc.,
 (Mindanao finalist, Pilipinas Got Talent)

Showcase of cuisine:

Sea Bass cooked in green bamboo

Ginataang kinilaw

Davao staple- the pomelo

Freshly baked Durian Tarts

Ube halaya that's not too sweet. Several servings in not impossible.

You still have until Sunday, August 21st, to join this fab fiesta.


And speaking of food, in a recent blitz to promote Davao abroad, I still cannot fathom why a non-Dabawenyo represented Davao in its culinary presentation. The only explanation I can think of is there must be a single Dabawenyo gene in this person's body to make his representation official. Parang half-blood soccer player? O di kaya pinauwing mestiza sa bansa para ipadala sa Miss U para maganda ang bet ng lugar natin? Our local chefs' abilities not befitting your standards? Bonga-iest-est!

FYI. This hotel's chef cooks quite well.