Let's make your mouth foam.

Foam Party. Join ka?

And you think I would go scrambling to your event on your invitation?

Some people will never learn when extending an invitation to the press. 
(we're only acquaintances, so why else would she invite me?)

So you have my mobile number, but that doesn't mean we're chummies. There is such a thing as a business contact.

So you work in "world-class" destination. Judging from your job ethics, I wonder why you even got that post. 

So you have an event promoted weeks ahead, yet you send me this invite:

       BAD: the day BEFORE the event. 
       WORSE: via text message with matching promo details.
       WORST: you still reply to a sarcastic message.

Marketing Girl (MG)
03:46 PM

(copied from my inbox word for word)

Inviting you to join our first foam party on aug 27 from 6pm to 12mn at the ------, lanang dc. 
Ur compli tickets is with me. (1 ticketS or 2 ticket ?)
You can invite your friends. Tickets are available at p500 per person inclusive of cocktails, drinks with live band. See u there..... (with matching promo duties, ba?)

me: (trying to be polite.)

thanks MG. you can send the tickets to my place.

03:52 PM

Pls proceed nalang tomoro, will leave ur compli pass  (so 1 ticketS lang talaga?) at d registration table, il meet you there.  Tnx. See u :)

(Toink! And I had to entertain her invitation. Stupid me!)


you are the best marketing girl of (name of resort) ever! (sarcastic)

04:26 PM

See you there and lets enjoy d party....:)

Diyos ko pooooo! 

Dear marketing girl.

Let me hold a very special Lemons party in your honor that will make your mouth foam. 
This is not the first time you extended such an invitation to the resort's events. 

The Bitch.