The Mighty Red Lipstick


Red. It seems that the women’s search for the perfect red lipstick is unending. While man only sees red, in light or dark shades, the woman sees a spectrum- berry, coral, carmine, rose, berry, scarlet. Show and tell the men about these shades, only one color will still register- red.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of shades of red lipsticks that have been created to adorn the lips of millions of women, each promising as the perfect shade to end their quest. Be it to accentuate or beautify (or seduce), the lip’s search will never be over. A new hue will always surface.

Just red? Reese Witherspoon is the global ambassador for Avon.

Although women are taught that beauty comes from within, to be comfortable in their own skin, or any other quotes that Confucius or any other sage can come up with, man will never understand the search for this lip cosmetic, they have never worn it. But man is no stranger to the power of the red lips. A perfect red lipstick can rock a woman’s world. So will yours, if your woman finds a dab of it on your collar.

The proof of its might is in the empowered women today. They dab it on their lips and walk alongside men in the halls of justice and on the surface of the moon, they speak on the podium and men listen, they vote and win the polls to rule countries, the picture of the woman has evolved into an influential image. 

But long before all these social changes took place, a traveling book salesman may have been instrumental in reshaping women's roles in society by making them see their utmost potential. He encouraged the women to pave their own paths toward economic independence and in turn, direct their own destinies. This was 125 years ago, the year David MacConnell started a company dedicated to women, the year Avon started to empower women. The company’s wisdom and craft was never kept a secret, it was passed woman to woman, door to door, year after year. 

Chic Avon Lady.

Avon started enriching the lives of women. The stories of rags to riches are fairy tales no more. Most impressively, women have turned bolder and successful but their hearts were never hardened that in 1955, Avon reached out and built a foundation for women.

Today, Avon is one of the most influential companies in the globe and is the largest corporate philanthropy dedicated to women’s causes globally having raised and donated more than $800 million worldwide (as of 2010) to their causes- the Breast Cancer Crusade, Speak Out Against Domestic Violence, Emergency Relief and Hello Green Tomorrow. 

2011 marks Avon’s 125th year. To celebrate the company’s heritage and its mission to empower women, Avon launched their $2 Million global fund to end violence against women and embarked on a 16-city “Avon Believe World Tour” to extend their commitment. In Manila, $60,000 was awarded by Avon CEO and Chairman Andrea Jung to Women’s Crisis Center, the company’s local NGO partner for its Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. This was the praiseworthy cause shared by Mike Gudgin, Avon Philippines President and General Manager, on his recent visit to our city. 

Avon Philippines Head of Communications Faith Fernandez Aranton, Area Manager Vel Taboso,
Senior Executive Manager Marissa Bernales, Avon Philippines President & General Manager Mike Gudgin,
Division Manager Radel Dalao & Zone Manager Annabelle Coloma

Inspiring, persevering, relentless in their commitment, this is what Avon and the Avon Ladies are. Just like the quest for the perfect red lipstick, Avon’s dedication to enrich, save lives and empower women is as endless.

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