Another bead on her cap

TO EACH his own. While most of us add a feather on our caps to flutter our milestones and achievements, some do it another way- by adding beads. Like what’s always said, “whatever works.”

It works quite fine with Beth and Beadworks. She started with a single rack in her friend’s atelier in Damosa Gateway selling items she shopped for in her trips from anywhere the region to the other side of the globe. Not too long after, she was offered to take over the entire space. Beadworks have turned into Beth’s small shop with big finds.

Yes, it worked quite fine since her handpicked pieces sold and still selling like hotcakes- garments, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes. She prides herself in scouring shopping destinations and alleys searching for great finds, choosing the items with discretion, selecting a few pieces making sure the colors and designs are chic, classic and unique, and keeping in thought if she herself would wear or use these finds.

Believe me, this formula works all the time. Nothing beats finding a beauty and sharing it with someone else and not having to worry about bumping into another fashionista wearing the same garb. That’s an awkward position she would not want to be in, so her clients should not be put in that spot as well.

Often times she is her friends’ personal shopper. Ask and she will find it. And her list of friends has certainly grown through this small enterprise she set up to amuse her while traveling abroad and excite her whenever she’s in town visiting. More than sharing fashion tips and sharing her finds with clients, Beadworks seem to have become a hangout to catch up with her good friends from school.

Best of friends. Virgie Jao, Moying Castillo, Desiree Fanlo, Beth Martin & Bing Tobias

Proving this point, during the third anniversary party of Beadworks, her long time friends and the new friends she has made celebrated with her, shopping time included of course since she just restocked her racks with new stuff she brought from her most recent travels to the USA, Thailand and Hong Kong. Items which didn’t even cool down on the display shelves, they were taken from other buyers’ view and bagged even before cocktail time.

Dear Beth, you have to leave and do a lot of shopping ASAP. Beadworks needs to be filled up again. And judging by how things are flowing, your cap will be getting more beads. Congratulations Beth and more fashion power to Beadworks!

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Published in Sun Star Weekend newspaper on September 11, 2011.