{ Bitch Bites } Strawberry Shortcake by Tricie Pengson-Arcenas

{ Bitch Bites } Trying what's new on the menu.

Strawberry Shortcake by Tricie Pengson-Arcenas.

So it's not only the Salpicao (and more) that this lady can cook deliciously. She even surprised everyone with her skill on making desserts!

On one birthday dinner Tricie catered at the Cellar, I skipped the rest of her tasteful spread that everyone in the room was raving over. I had my eye the Strawberry Shortcake at the dessert table. I made the right decision. 

Tricie's heavenly Strawberry Shortcake has the right tinge of sweetness (a personal preference), the chiffon cake and the cream are light, perfectly blending with the sweetness with a faint sour flavor of the juicy strawberries (organic and grown locally) she uses. 

Even Booboo Maramba, "Davao's queen of confection", enjoyed every bite and complimented Tricie on her wonderful dessert.

I went back for a second serving.

The Strawberry Shortcake is available by order only. 

Tricie Pengson-Arcenas and husband, Vince, run the coolest hang-out for dining and lounging in the city, the Cellar. It's at the lower level of the Oboza Heritage House along Rizal Street, Davao City. Check it out.