Cape-less heroes save the day

There is hope for Globe!

Just as Globe Telecom sink further into the bottomless pit of hopelessness with their unpersonalized and poor service, one lady saves them with the simplest and most basic of act of courtesy- a smile and a thank you.

I have been a subscriber of Globe from the mid-90s. From the moment I got my very fist mobile phone, I have never changed my phone number, it's more than 15 years old, I believe. 

Apparently, this is not a basis of "loyalty" to this company. They based it on your billing (the bigger it is, the more loyal you are considered to be) and the lock-in period of two years (you are loyal because you are handcuffed to the deal) should you sign in as a new subscriber and get a corresponding handset for "free".

To get new handsets, I could have easily change phone numbers every two years. But I preferred to keep my original number instead. My bad. Globe only sees it as "I am loyal to my number and not the company."

But they reward me every 2 years though- based on my phone bills. The catch is I have to be a "loyal" subscriber for another 2 years. Like I haven't been one.

The worst center they have must SM's. Just like the tellers of BDO who make their clients feel that they are lucky to be banking (in this case, a subscriber) with their institution rather than the other way around, the front liners of Globe in this branch are as impersonal and unreliable.

Take for instance the time I wanted to avail of an IPhone. A lady named Wendy extended her assistance. It expired the moment I stood up. Almost everyday I would visit the Globe center and follow up on the status of my request, even left my number. Pffffft  nada. Wendy must have gone to Neverland with Peter Pan. Another employee had to relay her message when I visited one more time. Don't employees here get free calls or, at the very least, a text message to inform their clients of their concerns?

Cape-less superhero, Mutya, & her teammate, Paul.

Globe must be lucky to have Mutya in their team. She saved Globe.

She said her salutation and was smiling all the time. 
She checked my account and was surprised to find out how long I have been with Globe.
SHE SAID THANK YOU for staying "loyal" to Globe. This is the very first time anyone from Globe ever did so for the past 15 years!!!!
And she did assist me every step of the way until I was able to secure the unit I requested.

So you see folks, the act of courtesy saved Globe. I wish all their employees were like her.

The Globe center in Abreeza Mall

To Mutya & Paul, enjoy these please...

To Wendy & Globe at SM, munch on these....