Davao wears Debenhams

Davao’s young runway mannequins styled by Debenhams, Quent Uy, Zoe Ong, Kelly Daluz, Tatiana de Mendoza, Christian Gahol & Cassy Venuti.

Decked in Debenhams, Davao’s young supermodels worked the “runway” and won everybody’s hearts with every gait, pose and beaming smile. They owned the limelight. Not that their counterparts came unnoticed, statuesque beauties and tall, lean, stylish men in the season’s latest fashion sashaying along the aisles of the newest department store to open in this Southern city were hard to miss. 

It was a momentous event for the UK retail giant, Debenhams, as they opened their very first store outside of Manila and unveiled their newest collections for the southern fashionistas.

Premiering in Davao are Debenhams’ fresh array of designer fashion pieces by famous British designers, Julien Macdonald, Matthew Williamson and Jasper Conran, who all lent their signature style for the Designers at Debenhams range, and the classic wearables of the store’s in-houses brands, Red Herring, Mantaray and Maine New England. 

Debenhams is all about designer clothes made affordable. “All Debenhams brands cater to the person who looks for great style at affordable prices,” said Anton Huang, Vice-President of Rustan Specialty Concepts, Inc. (RSCI), the official franchise holder of Debenhams.

Anton Huang, the impressive, young gentleman from the country’s most prominent franchisee of international brands company, shares more about Debenhams. 

Is there a distinctive flair to your collection that makes the clothes recognizable as Debenhams?

AH: It is not so much a particular flair to our collection, but more of the availability of a wide range of brands that allows us to cater to customers of various fashion types that defines us. We also offer our unique Designers at Debenhams brands that allow our customers to buy into designer items at affordable prices. 

How often does Debenhams come up with a new collection? 

AH: Debenhams follows the four main seasons of the year. However, we do try to introduce new products in our stores every few weeks. 

How do you perceive the Davao market to be in terms of fashion sensibility? And their shopping capability? 

AH: We perceive the Davao market to be quite mobile and therefore fashion aware. We trust that they will readily recognize and embrace the fashion trends we’ll be featuring in our store. 

What should Davao expect from and look forward to from Debenhams? 

AH: Davao should expect Debenhams to continue to offer great styles made accessible to the local market. If the space becomes available, we may even open the first Debenhams home store outside Metro Manila there. 

Published in Sun.Star Weekend on October 9, 2011.

Thanks Morris Uy, Chel Venuti, Randal Ong for some photos posted in this blog & printed in the newspaper.