Generations GAP

Two generations in GAP.
Bianca & Zach, Marjorie & Kyla, Kristine & Dean, Stephanie & Trent, Vanessa & Caeli.

For generations, GAP has been a fashion byword. The brand is hip and lasting, tweaks a few details in its design to adapt to the times, the colors vary from muted to bold according to the season, the collection is wide and varied, and the separates allow everyone the freedom to coordinate a look that expresses personal style.

But one thing has never changed- comfort, the most important facet of fashion to which the GAP brand is synonymous to. This US clothing company’s signature pure cotton basics have become a staple apparel in every American household for generations now, a practice that has spread across the globe where the brand is made available. GAP’s timeless look and comfort has succeeded in eliminating fashion’s generation gap.

It comes to no surprise that when GAP said hello to Davao, the city was overjoyed and embraced the brand’s arrival.

The GAP Store facade in Abreeza Mall, Davao.

The GAP aficionados came in droves at the launching event at the Abreeza Mall and displayed their southern hospitality by making this GAP store set the record with the highest opening sales all over the country. 

This is how they wear GAP.
Davao's gorgeous, successful & fashionable young moms styling themselves in GAP- Marjorie Ang-Ducase, Stephanie Seng-Ong, Kristine King-Gaisano, Bianca Baretto-Uy & Vanessa Patiño-Ong.

During the exclusive party, GAP displayed the versatility of the latest season collection via five of Davao’s fashionable and successful young moms and their kids, who expressed their own personal styles in the GAP clothes they chose and sported. FYI the kids, ages 2 to 6, chose their own clothes to wear. 

Thank you Steve Jobs for the Apple IPad. These kids in GAP pay you tribute.

With the new GAP store in Davao, shopping for fashion will be a family event-- with three, or even four, generations present. After all, everyone understands what this brand can offer. Isn’t it heartwarming to know GAP can keep a family together?

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