I am number 673

I think I have turned into one bag addict. It used to be shoes but seeing how they disintegrate one pair at a time due to the humidity of the tropics, I have to hold off on hoarding more pairs than I can wear. Lucky are those who share my size, they end up with shoes that I rarely get to wear.

And so, in one of my daily visits to the Barneys on-line shopping site, I chanced upon this lovely tote. A working tote that will fit an entire mobile office. Nice. It's by Lotuff & Clegg, an American company.

So, it was my ever-dependable sister, Malu, who ordered this bag that I must have. She did and thanks to Nita and her mom, they brought it with them on their way to Davao from their Texas escapade. Thanks guys!

Finally, my working tote aka mobile office is home.

I registered it on-line today. I am Number 673.

And since the company offers a lifetime warranty, here is what they promised...

Dear Lotuff & Clegg Customer, 
We have worked hard to make our leather goods the best we can. And we want them to be a part of your life’s narrative, becoming a trusty companion every step of the way.

Therefore, we guarantee every Lotuff & Clegg product against material and workmanship defect for the life of the registered user. 
We also guarantee your absolute satisfaction. If your purchase does not live up to your expectation, you are entitled to a full refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving your product. Please contact info@lotuffclegg.com to receive an RA# prior to returning the product. 
If your Labrador chews off your handle or some other misfortune becomes your bag, we can usually make a repair for a small shop fee. 
Safe Travels,
Lotuff & Clegg

P.S. Although I love my all black working tote long before it reached Davao, the bespoke black body with chestnut strap or the chestnut body with black strap would have been gorgeous! Bought the bag at Barney's before I got to check the Lotuff & Clegg website. Oh well......