Saving lives has never been more fun!

It started in 2010 when one of the worst news struck the city- Davao City ranks high on the list of HIV+ incidence in the country.
HIV positive cases in Davao rise 
April 6, 2010. The number of HIV positive cases in this city continues to increase, with the majority involving men having sex with men....Eleven of these new positive cases were categorized as men having sex with men (MSM), while the other one involves a registered prostituted woman.... the rise in the number of HIV positive cases in the city is considered very high and "we think there could be more cases that are not reported."
Davao ranks 2nd in HIV cases 
October 14, 2010. Of the total cases nationwide, Avelino said 170 cases or 3.2 percent have been reported in Davao Region, 85 percent or 144 HIV positive are found in Davao City.....Of the total HIV infected persons in the city, Fuentes said 47 percent belonged to the age bracket 25-29 years old, while 35 percent came from the age bracket of 20-24.....He added that all these cases involved the "men who have sex with men" (MSM) and transgender (TG) sector, who had multiple sex partners with inconsistent condom use.
HIV cases in city involve more males

November 25, 2010. MALES with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Davao City outnumber females, one is to eight, and a good number of these are males having sex with males (MSM)...
A group of young individuals got on their feet and seized the moment to heighten HIV awareness in the best way they can- partying via the Halloween Ball. 

The 2010 event was a blast. I hope they got the message through.

Leather & Lace Ball is back. This year, they're bringing in the circus!

Who says savings lives can't be fun?

Glam-ed up fun, games and everything there is about the circus.....minus the rides and the Babaeng Gagamba (but who knows if she'd show up)....

Join the fun and save lives!

An event worthy of apples....

If you're attending, take home an apple. 

Like what they always apple a day keeps the doctor away....

And this as well... I believe they're giving away free condoms at the party. 

Just like the road safety sign says.....Play safe. The life you save maybe your own.