Christmas 2011. Party #2

And so we continue dealing with the Yuletide necessities and attend Christmas Party #2. This time hosted by Security Bank and it also happens to be their 60th year in the business. Congratulations!

The party was in my buchi heaven aka Lotus Court of the Marco Polo Davao hotel. Long before I even arrived at the appointed venue, I knew the party is already a success- thanks to buchi.

So the Davao media practitioners dined in the company of the bank's top honchos- Abet Villarosa, President & CEO & Jason Ang, FVP & VisMin Region Head, and the managers of their Davao branches, and did intelligent, casual chit chat over topics ranging from communism to martial law.

What would I be able to contribute? Maybe Mao's Nehru jacket in black is so chic or red is indeed the most attractive color for the cheongsam?  That Feridnand M is a hunk? Or Imelda brought the Filipino style to global recognition?  I get sick when I think. I was in the wrong table. 

Abet Villarosa, President & CEO & Jason Ang, FVP & VisMin Region Head

But before my internal bleeding got worse, the games started. And what do you know....another thinking game, Filipino style- Pinoy Henyo! Exciting....

First up, AMA & Nelson. 
Word: Chandelier. 
They got it in a minute or so. clap. clap. clap

Joji & Ian. 
Word: Vice Ganda.

Lalaki? ..... pwede.
Babae? ......pwede.
No luck.

Kenneth & Jason. 
Word: Mommy Dionisia
Got it!

Maya & Michelle. 
Word-ssss: Francisco Bangoy International Airport. (o-may-gas!)
(Since the organizers were at it, they should have pushed it more by adding a sub-title like - "Lord, help us!" or "I'm leaving on a jet plane")
They got to the airport but not the name. A combo of "pangalan ng tao" & "lugar" is a killer.

Marilyn & Danny.
Word: Ube
Mahirap din! They didn't guess it.

Ian & Joji Part 2.
Word: talong.

Gamit ng tao?.... pwede. (and everyone was on the floor)

Finally got it on the knick of time when they got to the gulays in Bahay Kubo.

There must be a photo of me and Boyet in someone's camera.
We were singled out since we had the loudest laughs in the room.

Me & Boyet:
Word: news room.
And the host said,"If they don't get this, ewan ko na lang."

Sa Pilipinas? ... pwede
Visayas? ...hindi
City? ..hindi

Makati was singled out. And I went babbling words...
Nelson from the audience shouted,"Ay naku, hanggang email lang yan!"

Time was up and I looked at the word "news room".
I said,"I never go there."

But the losers got a second chance and everyone got to take home a Ninoy each.

The rest were luckier and took home appliances. My claims for the night didn't work out again.
May on the next party I will just ask the Universe to give me the prize I want.