I ♥ T'nalak Home Christmas

I just can't get enough of T'nalak Home.

Abaca has never been this stylish. It's always been deemed as "native" and "local". But this "native" has metamorphosed into chic products that caught the eye of the international market. Today, these "made in Davao" are sold in highly specialized boutiques and upscale department stores abroad, some have found their way into  the homes of celebrities. 

Now, abaca and tinalak designed home decors are grabbing the attention, admiration and respect of the local market. 

You might say it is expensive, I say it is worth every inch of the fabric and the designer piece it has become. 

Try harvesting and stripping abaca by hand, dying it by hand, weaving the fabric by hand, transform it into works of art by hand and add a little more bling by adding coconut beads or mother of pearls sewn by hand. Chances are you'd be selling it higher than their cost.

For the Yuletide season, T'nalak Home is decked with fabulous goodies enough for any home. Make your Christmas merrier this year.

Can you ever imagine abaca can turn to these....

The perfect Christmas gifts to give...(just a few of the many).

Pillow Candleholder. 
With coco beads detail. 
Comes in blue (below), red, natural, red/black, natural/khaki
One size.
P 350.00 each

Handmade Paper Stationeries.
Natural & color combination. 
Small P 200 .00 per set of 12
Large P 220.00 per set of 12.

Anemone Candleholder.
Dyed abaca fibers & wires with beads detail.
Comes in red with gold beads, green with silver beads, orange with silver beads, violet with silver beads, green with silver beads.
One size. 
P 850.00 each.

Coral Bowl.
Tinalak strips & copper wires
Available in red. 
P 2,500.00

Cushion Halicoña.
Pillow cover of handwoven tinalak fabric with embossed (coconut beads) beading detail.
Available in black with natural-colored beads, natural with natural-colored beads & natural with dark colored coco beads.
P 2,650.00

Coral Design Cylindrical Vase.
Strips of tinalak fabric with coconut beads hand sewn on cylindrical tinalak fabric.
Available in black with natural colored coco beads, natural with natural colored coco beads and red with natural colored coco beads.
Sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large.
This size (smallest) P 850.00

For more designer pieces, visit the T'nalak Home store at the 2nd Floor of Abreeza Mall.
Telephone: 32-4379