Plastic balloon!

I can't even remember when the last time I blew a plastic balloon. It must have been years ago! Or I am having a senior moment? Whatever it is, the sight of these silver tubes on the Halloween Prizes table got me excited. 

It seemed different. Back then, a tube can blow twice this size and the material was firmer. I had a hard time making a big balloon. Ang daling mabutas!

The holes were "sealed with a kiss" (an appropriate term, how else do you do it) and proceeded with the necessary "takla-izing" (pop a hole) and blow more air into the balloon to make it bigger.

Oh well, I had to give up after a couple of balloons. No fun. Cheche Bureche was disappointed. 

And got myself a vodka-based drink from Kamagoo. Thanks Kathy!

and this tasteless pasta. It's from the collection of this noodle brand. Ugh!

That's Halloween for me. Sadako wasn't in the mood to party and scare the people to death....though that would have been more fun. Maybe next year.