{ Bitch Bites } Osvaldo's Kahlua Rhum Balls

{ Bitch Bites } trying what's new on the menu

The Kahlua Rhum Balls in three different coatings- sugar, cocoa & nuts.
The cocoa coated ball is my favorite!!!!

First, I was blown away by his Peppered Dark Chocolate Cupcakes. Now, it's this decadent creation- the Kahlua Rhum Balls. 

It's chewy, not so sweet and heavenly. It's like the goodness of a big slice of cake are compressed in this ball. But unlike the big cake, you can have a couple of these dark chocolate melt-in-your-mouth treats and feel "less guilty" because of the size, just don't start counting calories.

Best of all, you can address your cravings pronto! Joel finally opened Osvaldo, his dessert atelier ( I see it much more like a Pastry Bar- so that's what I call it), where his best-selling goodies are on display. You can indulge in his sweet creations, have a cup of coffee and maybe watch him knead the dough for the next item to put in the oven (just make sure it's the patry that you drool over).

The Kahlua Rhum Balls sell at P 50.00 each.

Osvaldo's Cakes is at Paseo de Legaspi, Legaspi Street, Davao City. 
For orders, call telephone numbers  0919-291-5007 (Smart) or  0932-428-4070 (Sun).

Osvaldo, the newly-opened "Pastry Bar"

All treats, no tricks. Osvaldo's Halloween 2011 spread.

A slice of moist  darkness- Dark Chocolate Cake. You have to try this.