{ Bitch Bites } Chocolate Chip Cookies ala Dina Pacheco Mendoza

{ Bitch Bites } trying what's new on the menu

It was after her 10k run that she posted in Facebook: ".... baking chocochip cookies with Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate ... my form of stretching."

I begged to have some and she had some sent today.

I'm now in heaven. 

Again, it's my choice of dessert, her chocolate chip cookie is not too sweet, chewy and best eaten warm. 

Is she taking orders? Let's ask her. 

Thank you so much Dina!  Keep on running and I will be at the finish line to catch you do "your form of stretching".  :-)

....apple pie....artichoke dip....turtle pie.....cheesecake.....